Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall is here!

     Where did the summer go? For me it went too fast.
I really enjoyed my summer. Even all the hard work. 
We winterized my camper yet we have to do Jon's this week.
Now when we go during winter we bring our own water and gas for generator to run things.
Our neighbor had a fallen branch that went right through their roof!
We helped caulk up the hole. I hope that doesn't happen to our campers.

Pretty soon I will be on medicare. I bought a policy to cover what they don't.
I also bought myself a small car. A Ford Taurus. Not a new one. I really like it.
Jon is keeping my van and replacing worn out parts. I never knew there was buttons on the steering wheel for radio! Jon got the sound working great. I never could...hah.
I sure did alot of painting this summer. Oh and stacking firewood! I think my arms are longer from that LOL!

I fished but not as much as I wanted to. Priorities Jon barks. Well he is right. First things first.
By the way, I lost 26 pounds this summer!! I am in a much smaller size in clothes.
I can't remember when I looked this thin. Of course memory at my age...LOL!

I have a smart phone. I still can't work it right. I miss my old simple phone.
Ennaway ....I got an old fashioned hand written letter from my friend in Missouri.
So good to hear from her. Did I ever mention the downtown burned down where I used to live?
I have no idea if they are rebuilding it. Specially the food store and senior center.
Jon bought this brat cooker Johnsonville now has out. It works great!
No more standing outside in the winter getting coals hot.

The neighborhood has Packer parties and it is fun! I have the basement cleaned so we can host one this Fall. I wore a fuzzy Eore (donkey) suit for Halloween party. It even has a tail LOL!
Well I best go and continue doing chores then go shopping a bit.
I hope to spend a bit more time on computer. Take care!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Too Busy This HOT Summer

     Hello my faithful followers!

I have been busy helping my boyfriend (I feel funny saying boyfriend) or my better half?
This Spring I bought a 30 foot beautiful camper which was offered with a rare a site available at a lake resort.  Who knew I would spend ALL my time at my better halfs camper?
Well this weekend my camper maybe sold (hope)
I have been busy stacking wood for our camper and the house. There is a wood burner/gas furnace. We get along so good it's a miracle LOL!
I've painted his trailer hitches (has four of them) to look nice. I take care of small garden. I painted front iron railings. He keeps me moving and mostly (bless his heart) motivated.
We deep fried a perfect turkey for the 4th of July and had our great neighbors over.

My better half
We also deep fried an 8 pound free range chicken and had our camper neighbors over to help eat.

My very own wood shop being built at his camper with neighbors helping.
We always say we are having too much fun LOL!

My grandson is becoming like his daddy and me? I LOVE this picture sent to me LOL!

Our Bella not wanting to leave my camper. You see I allow her to go on my couch. This is a treat because she is NOT allowed on any furniture otherwise. Do I spoil her?

Bella is about 14 years old and has arthritis and old age is noticed now more than ever. Just like us. We are giving her a good life and deserves to be spoiled. Like me LOL!!!
I best sign off as the ac man is coming to fix the ac. Luckily today is a cooler day.

One More Picture! 

Look at our hydrangeas!
Big huh?
Stay COOL!





Monday, April 18, 2016

Where Did The Time Go?

I have been moving things into my camper and storing some things by my boyfriends home.
  How did I manage to accumulate more stuff? It just happens I guess. I think stuff multiplies in the closet. Don't you? Last Saturday Jon helped me with my camper. He took a leaf blower and cleared my camper site of about two feet high of leaves. It really looks nice. I cleaned the cupboards and filled them. It took me awhile to get this plastic zippered mattress cover on. Jon kept busy outside knowing what a pain it is to get those things on a mattress. He was smart lol. I got to drive the green gater. Here's a pic of Jon driving around with the gator.

  I had so much fun with that gator. Jon will let me use it this summer to go to the lake fishing and driving around to visit camper friends. Tomorrow my friend is having back surgery. I went to Mc D's early this morning to have coffee with her. Tomorrow I take my friends German Shepard to the groomers. My van is low and bigger than her jeep lol. The shepard is old and too heavy to lift in jeep. That's what friends do, help each other. Boy it's time to sleep. I packed my van today and hauled and I am pooped. This laptop will be unplugged tomorrow. I am not sure when I will post again. I will be mostly living in my camper for the summer or by Jon's every now an then. I am having fun and doing what I want and that is so great. I thank God for bringing Jon into my life. 

This is a photo of my granddaughter meeting her new half brother for the first time. Look at the wonder and amaze in her face. She is holding Paul, my new grandson.

Take care and stay on the sunnyside!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016


     My son had called me to wish me a happy Easter. He told me the doctor figured
Wed the baby would be born. Not knowing what sex the baby was was exciting. My son was hoping for a son and U asked God for a grandson. Paul was born this morning. Perfect in every way. He looks like his Daddy. Even the dimple in his chin. Of course he is the most beautiful baby. Jist say'in.
     My mancake and I spent Thursday thru Sunday morning at the camper. I got to church Sunday too. I broke two bones on the top of my foot. It rolled like it did a few years ago. Yes I saw Doc on Monday. Too much stress she said and it was a MS flare but can't be sure. I am wearing a boot to stabilize the foot so the bones heal properly this time.
     Ennaway my mancake has health issues and I am worried. Having a relationship is stressful lol!  Two Germans he says would be interesting. We have simular childhoods of strict parents.
  I best hobble off to bed. It rained today. Golly, I have a grandson!!

     Keep God first and everything will play out as it should.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Happy Easter"

"Happy Easter"

     Yesterday my friends and I gave a birthday party at a diner for our other friend. It was a surprise.
being her 69th she did not want to celebrate. She had lots of fun too!
     Last night was the first obedience class at the pet store for the dog. After an hour he wore down and gave in to commands LOL!!! Steady work with him till next week. I still don't know if it will actually turn Buddy into the perfect dog. Or us into perfect dog handlers.

     I am not sure what I am doing this Easter. But I do know I am going to church bon fire Saturday night and church service Sunday. No over nights at camper till it's warmer. We got sleety snow yesterday and today. Pretty crappy out there. Six inches of slush.

     Enjoy your holiday and remember Gods grace.



Sunday, March 20, 2016

I think it's Spring!

     Someone told me it was Spring today. I was walking a trail at my man cake's cabin by the little lake. The sun was shining and warm dotting through the tall trees. I love it at the cabin. I am sure when everyone comes to their campers it will be much different. We arrived at the cabin yesterday afternoon and it was snowing blowing big flakes. Lovey basset was watching out the front window of the truck and started to howl off an on when she knew we were in the woods and almost to the camper. It wasn't long until friends there walked in the camper bringing booze and soda. I bought a 4 foot long sub sandwich and bent it up to fit in the fridge. All to often friends will visit and drink up and eat up and you pay for it all. Know what I mean? Of course you do. I don't mind feeding a down and hurt'in person you know? There are a few and I don't mind.
  Where was I?

Ennaway.....It's feels good to be home per say apt. The water won't be turned on at the cabin till it's warmer. Then we don't have to carry in water and will be able to shower and not use the porta potty but the real thingy. lol.

  I will take more photos this week.  Wed is the first obedience class for the dog. Yes....he shall learn!!
     Take care this week. Strive to think positive as you are what you think! It is really true.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello!! Is it me yer look'in Four?

     Today I told myself GO FOR IT! If I want to wash that spotty grey out of my hair ....then Do It!
     The picture on the left is my new hair. It has filled in more if you notice. I used vitamin herbal shampoo and conditioner to make my hair grow. I had a trim the other day to even things out. Even had my brows waxed!

My roommate has been on a trip to Texas and Padre Island. I am keeping busy. I went out yesterday with my camera. Ok ok I hear you saying "About time!" Ha haaa.

Some photos of lake Michigan shore and pier and boardwalk or called river walk. All along the river walk are resturants an bar an grills. Very friendly place to get a beverage and plant yourself on a bench and watch the entertaining water and seagulls. The ice islands were floating in the river. Not much at all this winter. Some mallards were following me as I walked the board walk. I had to take a picture of the pair.

Does anyone look up in Sheboygan? This is a statue of a chimney sweep atop a brick chimney stack. Shame on me for seeing this for the first time last summer. I think it is made of cast iron. I look up allot more now.
My Buddy! Whom we figured out is deaf.

I now do dog sign language to him and he listens well.
I keep a leash on him now.
Here is a pic of my fav boat by the dock for many years.
Needs scraping and paint but I missed seeing the lake and this boat while I lived in Missouri. The lake air is so different from the dry air of Princeton MO. Yes my joints hurt more here but dang there is so much one can do here lol!
     I will have a mentor in wood carving next week at the senior center. I am excited to learn that and also starting sign language lessons! I pray to excel at both.
  Now it's time to take myself out for supper and a cocktail lol!
Have a good night and stay on the sunnyside where there is more there than you know!


Friday, March 4, 2016

Picture if you will......

     Yah, I'm sorry I have no photos. BUT if I did you would think I was having just too much insane fun. Yesterday I knew my mancake was getting his new phone plus a new number. Well not quite late afternoon two friends came over to go to casino in Green Bay. I could not say no and my friend Dennis said "GOOD" cause he and I have so much fun together like two peas innah pod. Dennis drove and my roomate and her man friend were in back. I messaged my mancake on phone then realized he may not get it. Now what? He never called me last night. I was told the new phone would have to be fully charged before use. His old phone was cut off night before last. I was worried? No, unsettled? Maybe. I just didn't feel right not being able to tell him where I was going and doing. Today I realize our relationship really has trust and no doubt and a great foundation. I trust him completely and he me. He went with Cellcom for phone. I liked the phone too and may switch over.

  Oh I did ok gambling last night. I spent and I made it all back plus ah bit. Had allot of fun. This time Dennis and I did not dance for luck but we did sing a few songs and put luck wishes on machines. LOL! Our humor is the same just like my mancake and I. I was getting man cake withdrawal as I always see him everynight. I guess thst means something huh?

     Oh and muffin top is the flesh that's squeezed up over the top of your jeans! If you didn't know....Paul. Ha!

     Tonight is movie night I hope as it was supposed to be last night but I was kidnapped and taken to a casino. That's my story an I'm stickin to it.
     Winter clothes is on sale dirt cheap right now. I bought me a nice red/black flannel man's shirt. I can use that year round. Especially fishing or working in shop. My mancake has a huge workshop which I will be seeing soon. He will give me a nice space in it for me to work on my wood projects. This summer will be spent mostly at his cabin by a small lake fishing and driving a gator for fun. A gator is a six wheel motorized cartlike which his basset hound likes riding in too. I have no idea how much woodworking I'll be doing ha haa. Looks like a fun summer eh?
  Stay on the sunnyside!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


     This morning I was half awake but remembered to put my teeth in and put my t-shirt on backwards (that's ok) and put the dog out. I got to McDonalds and my friends were there. I was late-r. Everyone left and Sue taught me how to play Kings in 4 corners with cards. She brought me a dvd movie to watch called HEAT with Sandra Bullick and this other lady. Her husband came and I went home. It's all a slight blur LOL!!! But it was a nice morning. Seems Like McD's is elderly CHEERS where everyone knows your name and your business. It's nice if yer missing lol!

  I dug out my last filing with IRS for my boyfriend. His lawyer/tax financial man will do my taxes to make me right. He does not trust my advice of last year not to file. He takes all my burdens away. John is so good to me I have to pinch myself and then Last weekend we took our dogs to the fenced in dog park. It was wet and muddy but it was nice out finally. His basset hound and my little guy had a work out. We let the dogs off their leaches and let them GO! John and I walked the acreage while the dogs met up and sniffed every dog there and no fights! Dogs get along together better than people. It was a fun day and a muddy truck....oh oh.

  I best go now as I am meeting friends at Pizza Hut noon buffet for 5 bucks. How will I loose my muffin top???? Run Forrest Run!!!



Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Grey Day Gray Day

  I never know which way to spell grey gray. Any hints?

So ennaway my sweetie in one quick swoop of vocal explanations I  kaboshed the tiny house project.
My research was in Missouri for Missouri and not Wisconsin. DOH!
Wisconsin has way too many days of clouds in winter for solar panels to keep batteries charged.
Our friend has the materials to build one and I'd like to watch and even help some. When he mentioned winter it wouldn't work the last time I quickly said I would hitch it to my vehicle and pull her to Texas in my friend Jerry's yard. He rolled his eyes HA!!! 

But some came back up like ah fur ball innah cat. The mobilhome our friend will sell me fully furnished. It's up north where I love it. Yes I WILL look at it and know I will love it but best write questions down before I see it. Common sense I'd say. I had to think on every avenue of living and what I would like for me. This place and the owners and I have become great friends and would be my neighbors up north. I will update on this journey when time comes.
I went to McD's this morning and just missed my roomate leaving there. Guess what? I have no phone! It must be at my sweeties house on kitchen table? So I have no communications today. It is very quiet lol!
Yesterday I started half like sit ups. It's better for your back. I was able to do 30. Okay then 29 1/2 sortah. But first did my slow stretching routine I do every morning, well almost every morning, okay when I remember.  Details!! I am loosing this winter muffin top which puffs out the top of my jeans. It came quickly during the cold spell and no exercise no walking the dog. 
Tomorrow is camera day. I will take my camera with me all day and take photos. Boring? Maybe.
But I must get back into my photography.
Have a good day!!!!!!


Friday, February 19, 2016

Moving forward

  I really am moving forward except for this flu bug. I drank herb tea today to help.
I took shower and that made me feel better too. I am going over to my honey's for supper and hopefully he will pamper me HA HAA! My roomate and other friends are fighting this flu thingie too.
Seems to last two days.
  With all the support in friends I have I can honestly say I am alright. Mov'in on.
  I have marked down some apartments that will do me right and accept my little dog. Next week I shall 'LOOK' at a few or a couple  I've narrowed it down to. I need my own space and my own routine. Things will pan out. Ya just gottah have faith ya know?

     I will have to sit down and work out a budget. I am still smoke free! March 23rd will be a year smoke free. I can breathe better and no chest crackle noises . My health continues to get better. Isn't that a miracle in itself? The chiropractor by the way,  took my limp away. Now I walk better and my feet have no sores now. Now, if I only had ah brain LOL!!! OZ or God has given me a new life I cherish and never ever take for granted.
  Play in the sunnyside my friend. Let nothing get you down! You have many blessings. Start counting!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Brother Allen

     My brother died Friday Feb 12th in the afternoon at home in hospice care. His kidnesys shut down last year and had dialysis three times a week. His late diagnosis of prostate cancer went into his bones and spread. His pain is now gone and his spirit released to final destination. I will miss him and cherish the good memories we had.

Left to right, brotherinlaw Marvin Barts,me, and my brother Allen in January 2016 at Northside McDonalds Sheboygan. Marvin picked Allen up after Al's dialysis.

I am so thankfull of my great friends at this time and my love John.
Memorial service at church in Howards Grove WI. Tuesday Feb 16th 2016.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Enjoying every Day

  I do. I enjoy every day. I concentrate on just today. It's so much easier lol.
 I sure have been busy since I last posted. Just busy visiting chatting texting and eating out.
Of course Mc D visits too. I got my hair chopped cut. My girlfriend gave partial bottles of special bamboo herbmetic shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair grow. Her hair is a prime example of growth. So for the next month I shall measure my hair every week an see.
  I went bowling. Yes I did. I am still suffering bruise like conditions BUT hey I did it! I sweat bullets and at one point my right leg became partially numb. I was so happy I could do my special stepping and throw the 9 pound ball. I've wanted to do that for years!! My adopted granson I picked up and took along. It was church bowling. My DIL and granddaughter came too. Here are a few photos.

Granddaughter having fun.

Stacy my friend and coordinate r of fun lol.

Greg is the winner of a new bowling ball!!

Today was our friend Pam's birthday. Donna and I took her out to Pizza Hut's lunch buffet.
Here is a pic of us the manager Dan Post took of us. He is a great guy!

Me left, Pam middle and Donna right.
Manager picked on me and made me laugh.
He made Pam a pan of birthday brownies!
See how short my hair is?
See Pam's long hair in a pony tail? Gees.

Tomorrow I drive Pam to therapy for her shattered heel now fixed.
We went rummaging and found treasures. We are now shopping fun buddies lol!
I am off to Mc D's for coffee tonight and meet this fun lady Edith bout 84  yrs young.
Have a great weekend ahead. Enjoy each day on the sunnyside!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Frozen Tundra

  Yes the Packers lost last night even with their hail Mary pass touchdown. GreenBay and WI is known to many as the frozen Tundra. Well this morning the temperature was minus 6 degrees F

  Everything is frozen out there. The buildings now and then make a sound of the temperature change. The sound of creeks and cracks and booms is daunting to say the least. We get through it. At least the smart ones.

  My dog finally 'got it' from Pudgy the rat cheewowah about using a dog's piddle pad. The walk in shower is three inches above the floor. My dog Buddy stands NEXT to that and seems to AIM for the piddle pad in the shower. He actually makes it!! Ok a dribble back to where he stood but boy I give him a 7 on aim and a 9 on distance!!! I give him a treat for the prize. It's too cold to let the dogs out. Their feet would get frostbite or bleed.
  I am hunkered down today and tomorrow. Too dang cold it is dangerous being alone. That's my story an I'm stickin to it! I baked a ham and had hot Bush's beans hard rolls chips dip olives pickles and more I can't think of right now. Our friends took us to lunch at what they call crazy hour cause we joke way too much and laugh. So I made the spread last night to enjoy the Packer game on my big screen. We all were stuffed and sleepy and the guys went home before the game ended. I went to bed thinkin the Packers will win.....DUH! I can't believe I go to bed so early. SHHH don't let anyone know this. They'll say I'm old.

     The word got out there I want to move south. Now I have three men who came out from the woodwork. HA!! I'm on speaking terms with my person in Michigan again and he doesn't want to lose me. Now a man in Waukesha who is a very nice man wants us to go out when it warms up. He is very good lookin to boot!  One in Utah?? Yes, one in Utah wants or I should say thinkin of wisking me away to live the country life!! Do you hear me giggl'in like a school girl? I' takin it slow and wise.

     I am still lookin for an acoustic guitar. I decided a 12 string sortah like I had. I'll hold off. One less thing to move. My friend Sue is feeling better. The infection in her surgery is healing. They went in a cleaned out the infection. She still has cancer and it will be awhile before treatment. 4 surgeries in three weeks! That is too much.
  I'm gonna munch on some ham and bake something to heat the condo. Keep warm and be safe!




Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Ya Doing?

  Hello. It's been quite ah life's ride. I am looking to move south. I just about got frost bite. I had to scrape my windows and it was well below zero. My brother is not doing well with his cancer and my good friend is in hospital with her cancer. I broke off my man friend and dang I am doing what I can to stay on the sunnyside of life.

     So ennaway I took myself shopping this morning after early am coffee at McD's. I bought me a top with turquoise in it.  A turquoise ring and earrings. Ok the jewelry is silver but faux stones.
I now feel so much better! LOL! It is really hard to find a sober non smoker man in this area. Oh well.
  I am not renewing the senior center or it's activities. Now you see I am serious of moving.
  My friend Pam likes to go 2nd hand store shopping and she doesn't drive. Sooooo road trip and shopping soon!!
  My pup is gaining weight just like I am lol. It is too cold to go for walks!!
Best go make a dinner as company is coming. Spaghetti and meatballs!!!!!!

     Stay on the sunnyside my friend. Don't take life so serious and hug everyone!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I like Sparkliee's

     I was encouraged to go out and buy myself an outfit. I happily did, but you know me.
Yes, 2nd hand stores! I find I am attracted to glittery or anything sparkly. I bought three sparkly dress type tops. I even bought a small hand purse (black an classy) . Now today I did my nails and painted them light lavender. I talked to my new man friend today on phone and find out he loves my earthy T-shirt'n jeans an barefoot country girl!!! Dang BUT I like dressing up to go out and rest of timed a country gal. Woodworking and painted fingernails? Me? LOL!!!
  "I am's what I am's.......Popeye

January 1rst I met a man. A new man in my life. How exciting!
He is everything on my list if I ever made a list, which I didn't.
As they say in Greys show on TV....he's my person I can call anytime
and I am his person he can call anytime.
I believe as soon as Spring comes.....Road Trip!!

Okay enough of my private life to stay private awhile.
I have lots of cheese to cut and ordervies to make for a gathering.
Stay on the sunnyside!