Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Happy Summer!"

     Well HELLO! Golly gee it is summer today and I am all hept up to go fishing!!!!
Gee nothing new about that eh? I got me a fishing hat an ice maker for boat and new sneakers.
Not just any sneakers mind you, but they are my Happy Shoes! They are sketchers and they are great! I tried that foot machine to see what supports you need? Besides expensive, I walk on my TOES!! Believe that? Very slight on my heels. Dang I shuddah been a balereena eh?  No wonder my legs hurt.
  Ennaway things are going well. Not. We decided the realtors are shady. Waterfront? Where's the water? Oh no, you have access to such an such lake or river. But there was lakefront pictures! Oh yah down the road two miles. HUH?A long drive and then this? No water??
  So we slowed down and spent every weekend at the camper by the lake where we have access down the road HAA!
     Our dog Bella is getting old. Her joints hurt so we have her on pain pills from vet. We give her lots of attention she will live out her days in comfy bliss. Now writing that , I saw a picture of two old-er women sitting in the doctors office. One lady tells the other "My joints are so tight"
Other lady says "You are rolling them to tight" That had me laughing so hard I haddah do a pants check. Ahem.
     Over the bonfire I noticed the motion lazer light green dots in the trees were moving fast. I told my friend Suzie and she giggled and told me the motion wasn't turned on! It was ME from those coconut rum'n coke. I have so much fun with such great camper family. I could tell you some stories.
     I don't see family much but for Mother's day my son surprised me coming to camper with my granson. Oh he is a cutie! That was precious.
     Somebody took a for sale sign and put it on a neighbors lawn that wasn't for sale. Who would do that? BOOWAAAHAH! Hey three people stopped and was interested LOL!!!
   I am having lots of fun. Jon is a workaholic but I learned to tone him down some. 
Best go start up the grill. Chops for supper an taders!
          Take care! Hugs an all that......