Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Almost New Years?

  Like life these days, the holidays are whirling by. Where did they go?
I hope you had a happy Christmas with memories to keep.
Me? Well I went to my granddaughters church a couple times and heard her sing.
For five she has a beautiful voice. Her and two other girls sang. Had a very nice luncheon and even figgy puddin!! I liked it!
On Christmas I borrowed my roommate's family for family. It had drama romance new baby obvious chips on a couple's shoulder,,,,jist like family I barely remember. lol. I had a great time. Everyone had to bring a white elephant gift from around the house you no longer wanted. I wrapped up my OLD paint scrapper. Not painting houses anymore I don't think. I ened up with a totilla hot squeeze thingie. Can you tell I never used one? 
I got my dentures refitted yesterday. I knew I had to cause when I sneezed, my hands caught my uppers! HAHAA!!! Glad nobody was around. April I get my permanent dentures made of gold. Well the cost they are to me! I can't wait.
We have my roomate's daughter's son's little dog Pudgy. I found a home for him but now we are to keep him. Oh well Pudge fits right in here nicely.
We had 10.4 inches of snow. It is very icy out right now. I made to chiropractor this early morn so I am in for the day now. The dogs do not like to go out to do their business. I don't blame them but they have too. Like kids we bundle them up. Sweater and sock boots. Spoiled??? I love putting the bumble bee outfit on Buddy. He likes it and even the hood with two antenna's  that stick up lol!
Seeing over the past few months my two friends dying of cancer I realize I must go after my dreams before my number is called. Not to let fear hold me back. 
2016 will be a BIG year for me! Oh ya, You watch er or, read?
  Stay on the sunnyside!!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday and getting through it

  It's been a year now hubby has been gone. I've grown closer to God and have been able to curb old reflex responses to certain people and situations. It was hard but I got through it. My current living arrangement is alright if I speak up. If I don't she plans things for me. That doesn't fly with me.
I chickened out subscribing to a senior dating thingy online. I do not believe so many men are interested in me HAH!

  Ennaway my Christmas was planned for me (see above) but I did ok it as I don't want to be alone ya know? Even my eve too with a guy that's just my friend and I hoped for more silly me.
I am still looking for blogger online friends to help me settle in somewhere. Am I asking too much?
 Well  didn't make cookies and tomorrow I gave in and going to a chiropractor. My lower back is not snapping back and it's getting worse. Stress maybe? YA!

  Wish me luck that my back gets cured! Take care.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Buddy is Vrt Approved

  The New vet just loved Buddy and could not believe he was a stray. All the clerks loved his kisses. He is A-OK and in Spring will get a shpt and booster for diseases of other dogs in standing water from urine. I never heard of it. I'm sure if they said he needed alien shot I would say ok.

  I traced out 5 names on five wooden back scratchers today. Tonight I burn the names in and give as gifts. Simple but personalized. One I wanted to put another name on but....ahem lol.

     My last post I sort of left you hangin if you didn't know past. I am sorry. The new daughter inlaw has multiple personalities and I found out a few times with her as my landlord. I had to get out of there as I was scared.She did not know I knew she was pregnant when she stuck out her belly at me. Now you understand? My doctors told me to get out of there and had been guiding me for months.
  My shrink says Texas or Florida might be good for me. Seriously she says I should go to warm beaches and retire. Any blogger I know by beaches lol!!!
     Since so much has happened to me I can walk away here. I cannot take hot humidity. So I will take my time before I make a decision. I'm told to try the Farmers only dating site lol.

I'm forming my own shield I think from getting hurt from jerks and others.I am looking for a mobilhome in a senior park that allows little dogs. Nothing more thsn twelve thou for mobilhome.
Let me know ok????????

    I should make some christmas cookies but the 'guys' want to go to Milwaukee to Potowatomie lol.

  They are friends but one is dying and it's hard for me. Ennaway I am back out there with the seniors at Mcd's and much more. I will not sit on my butt and brood. I have a family of friends and more in the making. I still want to see Tennessee and Kentucky. Yes I really do.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Slice of Life

       Another round of hurt again. Really bad as I feel like an outsider here where I grew up.
I went to my son's wedding and I was the only ONE on the grooms side of church. It was awkward.
My son came to my pew and thanked me for coming. He was dressed in black as I was. Wierd huh?
The five younger kids of his wife to be came and gave me hugs and said they missed me. Oh I missed them too but couldn't tell them why. I gave my son a card and a birthday card. His wife to be was 25 minutes late and her hair was wet (?) Her 10 kids sat down and my granddaughter sat with them. The wife to be came up to me pushing out her enormous pregnant belly with my grandchild due March 2016 and patted my hand and said we'd have to work on a friendship. My son told me it would take time or maybe never he said. Again there is no room for me. The pattern in past years is he disowned every family member even divorced his wife and now his new family with a dozen children is his family. I don't think I need to say more you can imagine.
  My camera would not work! Seriously? Why? So no photos of that day. I am not the same. I let God drive me home and I still cry at a drop of hat. I think of the song I am I said.

I don't know where I belong anymore. I can relate to the horse with no name.
I don't like the sound of being alone.
I know I must change my path once again and let God guide me.
I keep my faith and keep busy with walks and cooking. My roomate's busy with appointments on her calendar of lunches with friends caring for a dying friend etc. I find it is too emotional for me getting involved. I will miss her friend when his liver cancer takes him. I cannot watch someone slowly die.
After holidays I will ponder to know what to do. Princeton is calling me back but I don't know. It's the familiarity maybe? Well here's the song.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pudgy the piddeler

  Yes Pudgy the piddeler stayed here for two days. A little cheewowwah that kisses quicker than ah rabbit. The funniest thing that happened was when I put the belly band with a pad velcro'd  and he walked real funny. I velcro'ed his pinkler!!!!!! We all laughed except Pudgy. He was not amused. He was a great dog!!!! I loved having him. We walked allot and explored the neighborhood. He had never made it to the fire hydrant cause he had to go before we got there. Before he went home I carried him to the hydrant so he could piddle on it. I swear the smile on his face made me laugh out loud. Yes I did!

  I won at the casino. Yes I took 20 made 55 then cashed in an put away my 20. I ended up with 78 plus my 20 I put away and I quit ha haa. We stopped at a kitchen store and I found a stripper. Yes a gadget that strips any veggie into spaghetti. Every Italian has one LOL!!! I'll have to ask my friend about that. The pictures amused me so I bought one. Wish I could find my camera. Dog gone it.

  I am still hoping God will bring a nice man into my life. I have seen ah few that made my knees wilt jist lookin at'em. Whew!! Those kind know they are and well are conceded. I might be lookin for ah cowboy ha haa! Going to a rodeo this Spring up north ya know. This weekend I am going on a bus thingy to see "It's a wonderful life" musical with dinner an such. It will be FUN!!! The bus will be full of Red Hatters! Sorry I use the mark  ! so much. Hmm

    If I had more time I would write more of what's all happening round here. Ennaway you stay on the sunnyside till I post again anso?


One 1/2 days till I bring my buddy home!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Conjuring a baking mood

  I want to bake Christmas cookies. Ya but when? Soon? I maynot make many and therefore eat them within 24 hrs ha haa. I made an apple pie but it is gone. My roomy made tater dumplins and we still have some.  Ennaway I am in the mood now find the time!

  Did I mention I went to Richardson's cancer center with three grieving friends for the honoring the dead at Christmas? Now somehow it helped me for closure. Which is good. Tomorrow I get back my wheelchair as the gal will have a walking cast put on.
  I went to Mc D's yesterday on the northside of town. My BIL told me my brother will be there. I was there awhile and until my BIL came I never recognized my brother sitting there all the while. He lost many pounds and had a cane. He did say hi to me and few words. I am glad I got to see him. His cancer and dialysis well, has taken a toll.


I will go visit Buddy today. I will be babysitting a cheewowwa for two days and he is ah pisser to be truthful. SO I bought a belly band for him. Yes it holds a small pad pad on his 'tinkler'. It's my roomies granddog. I'll have everything set for Buddy when he comes home.

I went to Mc D's at 6am for coffee with Sue. Her doctor wants to talk. Not good. They did a cecond surgery and it sounds like they still didn't get it all. Mastectomy now? Dunno.
At our age there's allot of illness. Living? Maintaining is the word for most.

My Buddy!!!!