Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I like Sparkliee's

     I was encouraged to go out and buy myself an outfit. I happily did, but you know me.
Yes, 2nd hand stores! I find I am attracted to glittery or anything sparkly. I bought three sparkly dress type tops. I even bought a small hand purse (black an classy) . Now today I did my nails and painted them light lavender. I talked to my new man friend today on phone and find out he loves my earthy T-shirt'n jeans an barefoot country girl!!! Dang BUT I like dressing up to go out and rest of timed a country gal. Woodworking and painted fingernails? Me? LOL!!!
  "I am's what I am's.......Popeye

January 1rst I met a man. A new man in my life. How exciting!
He is everything on my list if I ever made a list, which I didn't.
As they say in Greys show on TV....he's my person I can call anytime
and I am his person he can call anytime.
I believe as soon as Spring comes.....Road Trip!!

Okay enough of my private life to stay private awhile.
I have lots of cheese to cut and ordervies to make for a gathering.
Stay on the sunnyside!




  1. I like cheerful clothes. Sometimes I have my nails painted lavender or something else a little unusual. Willy Dunne Wooters sighs and frowns when he sees them, but he knows better than to say anything.


  2. No ruffles, sparkles, fluff for me! EVER! But I love to shop in Salvation Army, and GoodWill stores. There is great stuff there. Nails? What are they?

  3. Wow girlfriend! Good for you on getting out and getting going.

  4. I remain happy for you in these things Toodie!


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