Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Enjoying every Day

  I do. I enjoy every day. I concentrate on just today. It's so much easier lol.
 I sure have been busy since I last posted. Just busy visiting chatting texting and eating out.
Of course Mc D visits too. I got my hair chopped cut. My girlfriend gave partial bottles of special bamboo herbmetic shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair grow. Her hair is a prime example of growth. So for the next month I shall measure my hair every week an see.
  I went bowling. Yes I did. I am still suffering bruise like conditions BUT hey I did it! I sweat bullets and at one point my right leg became partially numb. I was so happy I could do my special stepping and throw the 9 pound ball. I've wanted to do that for years!! My adopted granson I picked up and took along. It was church bowling. My DIL and granddaughter came too. Here are a few photos.

Granddaughter having fun.

Stacy my friend and coordinate r of fun lol.

Greg is the winner of a new bowling ball!!

Today was our friend Pam's birthday. Donna and I took her out to Pizza Hut's lunch buffet.
Here is a pic of us the manager Dan Post took of us. He is a great guy!

Me left, Pam middle and Donna right.
Manager picked on me and made me laugh.
He made Pam a pan of birthday brownies!
See how short my hair is?
See Pam's long hair in a pony tail? Gees.

Tomorrow I drive Pam to therapy for her shattered heel now fixed.
We went rummaging and found treasures. We are now shopping fun buddies lol!
I am off to Mc D's for coffee tonight and meet this fun lady Edith bout 84  yrs young.
Have a great weekend ahead. Enjoy each day on the sunnyside!



  1. Glad you are enjoying the gifts of each new day.


  2. You are a VERY active lady! Kudos and more enjoyment for you wished.

  3. I still cannot believe she cut so much off your hair.Thank goodness it will grow out..Very easy to take care of though.. Mine is really short almost all the time now. I sure would put the word out on her so others know. So happy you are getting out and doing things..Hurrah!!

  4. Good to know you're enjoying life my friend.

  5. I see you went bowling with big balls. I say that because we have big ball bowling and we have candle pin bowling. You have little balls, not you, but in candle pin bowling. I'm not sure but candle pin may be local to New England. It's not easy with little balls.
    I'm glad you are enjoying yourself Toodie.


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