Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sooner Or Later...


     Sooner or later I would be bloggin again.
     Sooner or later I would be Up An Att'em.
     Sooner or later I'd be inspired......
     Well where was my laptop with low life battery? Hey bought a new battery an still hadn't blogged. My life has been full of chores and no scheduled fun inserted. Insomnia makes me look like...well look at photo above. Nuff said.

      I am moving up north. Surprised? As if moving from Missourah to WI wasn't north enough. Well like they say, if you like your tongue stuck to your fork...go up north!
     My manfriend is retiring and his dream is mine too. You know locals, livin the good life up north in a cabin fishing from your front yard. BBQ parties on your pontoon with bubbly refreshments!
     Well it's in the mak'ins. I thought I was too old to handle it but we're not getting any younger the more we procrastinate. There's ah place we looked at and after tour we went to local pub yah hey. We walked in and someone at the bar said Hi (insert manfriends name). Huh? Seems so many retired folks up dare are from Sheboygan area. Go figure eh? Dang it was fun chatt'in there and having a few brewskis..
     Enna way.....the inspiration I found was in a photo.....

       This got me firing up the saw, polishing the cutting table and dusting off blades.
     I have been woodburning dog portraits. I scrollsawed ornaments. Then insomnia caught up and well hence the photo up there. This castle from bits of wood really set my mind in creative mode.
The man in photo also made a fairy tree which took my mind away into a demention called Create!
Sooner or later, right?
     I decided to dust off my camera and actually start using it. I will post amazing photos here. Good grief I just set the bar pretty high didn't  I? okay, so whatever.
   I'll be back after another trip up there in yooper land. Be good. Bumps! er Toast!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall is here!

     Where did the summer go? For me it went too fast.
I really enjoyed my summer. Even all the hard work. 
We winterized my camper yet we have to do Jon's this week.
Now when we go during winter we bring our own water and gas for generator to run things.
Our neighbor had a fallen branch that went right through their roof!
We helped caulk up the hole. I hope that doesn't happen to our campers.

Pretty soon I will be on medicare. I bought a policy to cover what they don't.
I also bought myself a small car. A Ford Taurus. Not a new one. I really like it.
Jon is keeping my van and replacing worn out parts. I never knew there was buttons on the steering wheel for radio! Jon got the sound working great. I never could...hah.
I sure did alot of painting this summer. Oh and stacking firewood! I think my arms are longer from that LOL!

I fished but not as much as I wanted to. Priorities Jon barks. Well he is right. First things first.
By the way, I lost 26 pounds this summer!! I am in a much smaller size in clothes.
I can't remember when I looked this thin. Of course memory at my age...LOL!

I have a smart phone. I still can't work it right. I miss my old simple phone.
Ennaway ....I got an old fashioned hand written letter from my friend in Missouri.
So good to hear from her. Did I ever mention the downtown burned down where I used to live?
I have no idea if they are rebuilding it. Specially the food store and senior center.
Jon bought this brat cooker Johnsonville now has out. It works great!
No more standing outside in the winter getting coals hot.

The neighborhood has Packer parties and it is fun! I have the basement cleaned so we can host one this Fall. I wore a fuzzy Eore (donkey) suit for Halloween party. It even has a tail LOL!
Well I best go and continue doing chores then go shopping a bit.
I hope to spend a bit more time on computer. Take care!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Too Busy This HOT Summer

     Hello my faithful followers!

I have been busy helping my boyfriend (I feel funny saying boyfriend) or my better half?
This Spring I bought a 30 foot beautiful camper which was offered with a rare a site available at a lake resort.  Who knew I would spend ALL my time at my better halfs camper?
Well this weekend my camper maybe sold (hope)
I have been busy stacking wood for our camper and the house. There is a wood burner/gas furnace. We get along so good it's a miracle LOL!
I've painted his trailer hitches (has four of them) to look nice. I take care of small garden. I painted front iron railings. He keeps me moving and mostly (bless his heart) motivated.
We deep fried a perfect turkey for the 4th of July and had our great neighbors over.

My better half
We also deep fried an 8 pound free range chicken and had our camper neighbors over to help eat.

My very own wood shop being built at his camper with neighbors helping.
We always say we are having too much fun LOL!

My grandson is becoming like his daddy and me? I LOVE this picture sent to me LOL!

Our Bella not wanting to leave my camper. You see I allow her to go on my couch. This is a treat because she is NOT allowed on any furniture otherwise. Do I spoil her?

Bella is about 14 years old and has arthritis and old age is noticed now more than ever. Just like us. We are giving her a good life and deserves to be spoiled. Like me LOL!!!
I best sign off as the ac man is coming to fix the ac. Luckily today is a cooler day.

One More Picture! 

Look at our hydrangeas!
Big huh?
Stay COOL!