Saturday, August 29, 2015

Finally Moved

     I am finally moved and just about have things put in their new places.
Having mostly two of everything we choose the better one.
It was obvious God wanted Donna and I together. We get along well and
have been through alot. Her dog makes me smile.....

Speaking of smiles my granddaughter lost a tooth. She was so excited the fairy would come.
Her mom and I took her to a fish market for sandwiches and we as my granddaughter said 'a picnic' by the lake. The weather was perfect with overcast and no blaring sun. Then we took her to Cosmic Space. A building with huge inflatables for kids. She had lots of fun.

I am resting this weekend. Moving and cleaning and concussion (ya that too) and broken nose and started a new med also. But I look at it as done and I did it with help from my friend and her family.

Now the new chapter unfolds of my life.

Interesting the front road of our condo will be redone Monday. Construction everywhere.
So we cannot have our cars parked here.Where do they expect us to park? Side streets.
We talked of driving up to Spooner WI and stay over at her family's deer camp. But
second thought it's 6 hour drive there, I dunno.
Have a good weekend!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Packers and Packing

 Hello! I am doing much better today. Today I am allowed to blow my nose. But  am afraid to. I can get a regular band aid on it now but still ugly and sore. I recall hitting the cement floor with face and there was an instant of nothing hurt, I felt nothing for at least a half hour. There was wet slurry mud down in the old cellar and when I went down there just one foot in the slurry I went sailing on one foot and next thing I hit floor and heard "CRACK". My nose broke and the deep cut in my nose needed 6 or 7 stitches. The nurse poured soapy water over my face to clean dirt out so I held my breath. I also had dirt slurry in my mouth and up my nose and tiny stones embedded Oh I can't even talk about it. I now know a bit of how water boarding feels.  I told the landlord over two months ago the boiler was leaking bad and flooding my side of basement. She said she would call plumbers for estimates.....nothing happened except me now falling. I am so lucky my nose got the brunt and not my legs or hips. It rattled my marbles for a couple days
  I wasn't trying to look like Watts mind you LOL!

           More packing and gathering today. Big room empty and I washed the floor then closed the door, done. Same with bathroom. The move will be good and I am looking forward to condo living with a good friend. My rent will help her pay off her condo real quick. Her gransons are moving the big stuff for me and their truck.  They will even unscrew the rubbermaid shed and take that too!
End of week is Doctor visit. Boy will she be surprised to see me LOL!!! Tomorrow I get stitches out. That I know will hurt. But I am tuff. I might squint like the eye of that squirrel in Ice Age.

     Have a good week and stay on the sunnyside!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Be Informed

     ...that I maynot be on internet awhile do to two things

Moving and...

I had an accident an broke my nose.

Things happen.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rainy storms after a beautiful morning.

     Thank you for your comments and viewing my video of Jazz Crawl. I was my worst critic for sure. It has been awhile since I made and edited a video. Nothing in liquid refreshments was served before I got on trolley. I  am sure the folks on the trolley had a brewski or two ;-) I had just finished a few hours of volunteering and tired actually, and it was hot and very humid then the storms hit again and again. If you thought I was drunk by my voice, I do not drink! My muscle disease has slowed my speech and is really evident when I am tired. Awhile back I had said I feared to talk on video because of that. So now you know and heard. The people of this town are friendly and I was told I am a people person. I am? LOL!!  I would love to do a Jay Leno walk and ask people questions h haa.
     I packed my itty bitty car again and moved it to my friends home. We headed out after we unloaded my car and went to the warf by the lake (lake Michigan). We did our morning walk on the boardwalk. It winds around the inlet of the lake into Sheboygan river. The seagulls and ducks and bubbles in water of big fish! I recognized the 'swirls' in the water to know it was big fish in there watching me. After our walk we walked to SCHWARZ'S fish market. 
  We bought a breaded cod sandwich..$4.00 Broccoli salad 1.74, pretzel-pineapple salad 1.74
We drove to the lakeshore by tables by the shore and we sat down to eat and listen to the crashing waves and suddenly one...two..three sea gulls came into view watching us and saying 'mine? mine?
That's a Nemo thingie. Ha haa. We sat and ate till we were too full and it was time to pick up our friend Pat and take her to work. She fell out of her attic in garage and shattered her heel. Ya, makes you cringe with pain hearing that. Now tonight was tornado watch south of us and one warning. We are still getting rain...yah!
     By the way I had no leftovers to take home. So the Schwarz was with me. Oh funny me.
  I'll be packing more tomorrow but by end of week Donna and I are going to the fair in Manitowoc county. There it is one price to get in and that covers all rides etc. Next week is our fair here after that our river cruise.
  Thank you friends for still hangin in there with me. I am so sorry I don't get to visit your blogs as much as I want to. When I settle down in my new home I will be able to read more blogs and yours!
   ow to put together my racing video.
My itty bitty car found a wedge parking spot at the races LOL!!

More at 11 whatever....


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Babble and Video of Fest

  I haven't done a video in so long. I see now what I should have done but hey I have to get back in my groove again. Better yet, a NEW groove eh? I was told I worked 4pm to 9pm and even wrote it down on calendar. That person said they made a mistake and they had me down for 5:45 till 7:45pm. Next day she says I WAS forgetful as she told me it was 5;45. I said fine whatever. But to lie to my and people around me like I was forgetful. I am once in awhile but she knows I said let me write it down and had her repeat it on phone. I don't take kindly to that one bit. I am trying to let it go.
     Before I say something I shouldn't here is my video......


I have one more video to put together of the races I went to.
I am so tired. Hot and so humid it is hard to breathe today.
Take care and have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Rollin On The River"

 Remember that great song by Ike and Tina Turner?

Well my new great friends Nelli and Pat and of course Donna, well today
we all decided to go rollin on the Mississippi river for a 4 day and three night cruise!!!
Yes the Golden girls on vacation! Donna and I will have to corral the other two gals cause they drink and are wild LOL!!! and Donna and I don't drink but we do have fun. Now one of the elderly gals is hot lookin for ah man. She is so dang funny I could write a sit com about her.We are all excited about this trip next month. I have never been on a vacation and this, well heart be still. I love the Missahsip and maybe seen it five or six times. It's amazing.
 I took my car in the service dept of where I bought it and said I popped in with no appointment but this Klingon symbol light went on in my car. Long story short no problem. Jabar put a soda in my hand and drove my car in checked and one tire a bit low now okay. No air leak no charge but Jabba is what I call him gave me a bag of popcorn to take along. I aked if this old lady could bring her car in every couple months woud  lthey top off fluids and check her over? Jabba said of course and you can help yourself to the snack bar and soda or coffee. I said okay then make that every month LOL!!! He laughed and said come on in and visit no problem we love your humor. Really? He really did crack up about the Klingon symbol and when I told the entire service crew about not being sucked under this semi and not getting blown off the highway. They asked me questions about the Smart Car as most never drove one. I told them go ahead and take turns around the big lot. Two of them did! They LOVED it! I felt like a stand up comedian. I was on a roll or being a fool but it was fun and I don't care. I went over to Vinnies to find a river cruise outfit. SCORE! I found a great out fit.
I went to my bank at Walmart and found out they too are in both north and southside stores in the city of Sheboygan where I am moving back to. So good to hear. 
  I accidentally pressed a button here and a paragraph moved! Creepy.
  Hopefully I will be moved in with Donna by the trip departure here in Plymouth! Go figure.
Donna finished my sentence! I said I bought a roasted chicken....she quick says you get it half price? Um yes I did and .....she says you break it up and freeze portions for salads? I say You do that to?
Of course. 
     The construction is really awful. Patching with blacktop in so many places in the big city of Sheboygan. The construction budget was cut.  It's awful looking and bumpy as blacktop will never lay flat for fill in WI. cold then heat will pop that blacktop outtah those holes like a blackhead. From the shrinkage to expansion.....POP! Wow ha that was a graphic visualization huh? Gross, sorry ha.
 Tomorrow big day sorta kindah. For me it's busy compared to just sitting. Haul my winter clothes to Donnas house to shelve. Then we go pick Pat up and go to UWM for a fund raiser which Nellie is serving there. She's doing it for the free eats to volunteers LOL!  It's great chicken and lots of food and Jazz bands. Yes Donna and I both love Jazz. Then after we eat the Golden girls will drive down by the lake for the sail boat races. I know the jokes about the boat races but this is REAL sailing races. The last time I saw them was months before I met hubby 38 years ago. I loved the races but he didn't. I never went again. Looking back I was a fool to give up all my activities I loved so much.
Ennway I should be home before the sun sets or just sets about. I do not drive at night. I giggle it's fun.
  That's all for today. I will have camera tomorrow!!! So pictures soon!

Stay on the sunnyside!

Monday, August 10, 2015

I am Excited

Downton Abbey...At my age one must ration one's excitement

Yes because if we learned anything from past experience I may change my mind.
From past experience something may arise. Don't celebrate till the last i is dotted.

     The rent went higher because at our age we do forget things and a couple we both forgot.
It comes out the same as the apartment in town. BUT here I will be with a good friend and allowed to have my scrollsaw in basement! We will be going to allot of things and vacations together? YES VACATIONS! Besides we eerily have so many things in common. We each have oatmeal for breakfast with fruit. We both LOVE broasted chicken. We both love stock car races. We both love our bratwurst black. The list will eventually go longer no doubt. I think we drank the same well water growing up HAA! All those things in common even the humor! So it's all good. She has a health issue as I do and we will help each other stay on track with diet etc. 12 blocks to Mc Ducks for coffee and does her crossword puzzle. She walks the one mile or 12 blocks every morning at 5am and says I will be too. Huh? What time? I don't think my clock has that number. Yep she says it won't be long before I leave that cane in the corner to gather dust. So I will get her to lose the weight her doctor says. I will duct tape the fridge at night LOL!!!  She asked me where I always wanted to go on vacation. I still can't answer that. I DO know I want to ride the rails! I mean a train ride anywhere! Also a car ferry ride to Michigan! Both of which hubby wanted to do with me but never did.

  I will leave my shed and lots of tools in basement. I will leave table set and tv and stand too. I'll take my bed and dresser, clothes, hover round and aids and my chair and scrollsaw and toolbox. (big toolbox)
That's all I am taking oh and my dishes and shampooer. She has this little dawg that needs hair cuts. No problem I can do that and save her money. I will have to get used to this little dawg with his toungue hangin down outside his mouth all the time. He is allergic to grass poor thing.
   So now back to basement to condense and select what I will need to take. I wish the move was over. One day attah time. I know.
Stay on the sunnyside!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blonde in Incognito

"Blonde in Incognito "

The story unfolds of a brunette under cover in a blonde wig by day.
At night an intelligent brunette under covers. 
You see this is why I don't rite stories. Not enough details LOL!!!

  I have four more years of files to shred. Too many boxes and I should keep last seven years tax history they say.  I had this shredder going in my pretty much empty room and the sound was loud.
For three bucks I picked this shredder up from Vinnies. Works great. New ones are like $34
I thought of those crooks shredd'in evidence and I began to laugh out loud. I wondered if people could hear me from the street OMG! My blinds were open. Did anybody take a phone photo? Oh my gosh I teared up with laughter. I may have three bags to fill yet then done.
  Things have turned around, the tides have turned, the cows came home, calm in the hood.
All in all I found a home and everything will soon enough calm and time to heal. It's been an horrible year fro me and last year too. New batteries in my camera and I will take it with me as I will be out and about so much more in my future.
  This coming week I am going to a concert. I actually bought a ticket! To seeChicken and all that Jazz at UWM in Sheboygan. 

     Then Friday I am vounteering selling wrist bands and t-shirts at the PAC in Plymouth also Jazz called the Jazz Crawl

  THEN Saturday night my friend Donna and I are going to Plymouths stock car racing. She is also a widow but widowed twice. We grew up as friends in the same countryside and somehow we met up at German fest a couple weeks ago. So ennaway one thing lead to another and we can help each other. She needs extra money to pay off condo sooner and is lonely and I need a home and a friend. Life can turn onnah dime be it good or bad.

  A wonderful thing happened today. I got to talk 'meet' a long time blog friend on the phone.
We spent one hour and it was so enjoyable. I wasn't disappointed at all. This tells me I really got to know this person friend through the years.
  Now it's time to make supper. Have a great week ahead!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blinded by the Truth

  You know how in your mind you see glimpse of reality but something in your thoughts shelve it so you don't see more than a glimpse of the truth? I knew the day I moved in with my son and how he was treating me that this was not going to work. The doctors felt my son caused me to go over the edge and this would be from the pan into the fire. But I felt weak and nowhere to go. He didn't have time for me  and the truth has always been 'He didn't want to be bothered with me'. Those truths were there all along but I guess I did not want to believe it or I made excuses for it. Some hard truths are heart breaking and depression can take over and lie to you. The mind is strong and yet fragile and can break or be scarred. Be we fight to go on most times. Sometimes depression wins and one can't go on. Your brought back but again the reality is you are still abandoned, alone.
  Where am I going with this? I must move on as the bit of talk we (son and I)had he didn't care of my needs like a stove that works and railing that don't don't wobble sway. The attitude was - a shrug and look of then leave. She can't afford to fix it and other tenants never complained.
  So ennaway I am facing reality that I already knew, it wasn't going to work. I tried and tried hard but I chose to not believe it I guess. So last night as I started to break I called my friends in Missouri and then my friend Donna and Donna talked to me foe over an hour and she will help me find a place. I messaged my DIL and she will help me too. I tell myself out loud I will be fine and I am looking at this apartment complex for 55+ with activities and independent living. It is downtown Sheboygan away from here.
  I must keep positive thoughts and I know Hugh was right all along. Lots to do and again lots to leave behind. Say a prayer for me okay? I need a home I need people who care. I do not wish this feeling of abandonment onto anybody.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

This a storm an that too

Now for something completely different

I was asked by a wonderful loyal friend, why I had to take a bird bath.
I made one I didn't take one but this reminded me of something sort of simular.
I get vertigo dizzy standing in my tub to take a shower. Visualize this....
A deep claw foot iron tub (higher  than my knees). Now the curtains (four of them) hang around the tub on a pvc pipe and the ceiling is three feet higher than the pipe. The shower faucets are at the drain. Bend  way down. two weird handles - small someone created. The shower head is a hand held hooked up to spout. As the water gets to temp at your feet now you lift it up (don't slip!) and try inserting it (don't stare at the high tunnel of curtains) -high up on the wall in a holder while water is splashing IN your face. I have to touch wall hard to ground myself and wash with one hand while other is holding wall as I am dizzy yet my eyes closed. Lots of white curtains all around you, no no black walls at this station. I know who will get that.  Now to get out it is step way up ugh over and way down onto slippery linoleum floor WHOOPS!  Your hoo hoo (Oprahs terminology) is now on the edge of tub. Ya grab the sink boink yer head on a corner metal cabinet not placed correctly say some colorful words while checking if head is bleeding.
So you see the birdbath reminded me of 99% of the time I take basin baths which is simular to a birdbath but I don't crawl into the sink like when I was a little kid to conserve well water now don't cha know. This has been an announcement I hate my bathroom!
Lessee where was I?
Storm hit this afternoon. I saw it swirl and tenticles which is called scud by meteorologists was being sucked back up into clouds....not a good sign by the way. I went for my phone and sigh...I am NOT a weather spotter anymore. Nance yer in Wisconsin not Missourah!!!!
I saw and hollered to neighbors drinking outside oblivious to weather only their argument.
"It's Here!" I yelled caught the flying rubbermaid garbage can set it up on my porch got my car parked right along side of house to be protected and got in the door and BOOM! shear winds hit!
Like a movie I timed that right lol! Bill hollered next door to his Ma Nancy knows her shit!
The interpretation of sheboyganite means Nancy sure is knowledgable. This was the third time I gave them warning a storm was gonna hit and they listened and I was right on. I watch out for them as they are true Sheboyganites who grill out every weekend and drink beer every evening. Growing up with folks like that the kids watch out for them as the folks get snookered lol!

Some branches came down here and there and not on our vehicles.
     I phoned my sister yesterday. Now that's news and progress. She was very understanding and I told her to never forget that I love her. She said the same back. We laughed we cared we miss one another.
  To be continued ....
            News at 11...wait, it's not 11 yet.......oh well.