Sunday, March 20, 2016

I think it's Spring!

     Someone told me it was Spring today. I was walking a trail at my man cake's cabin by the little lake. The sun was shining and warm dotting through the tall trees. I love it at the cabin. I am sure when everyone comes to their campers it will be much different. We arrived at the cabin yesterday afternoon and it was snowing blowing big flakes. Lovey basset was watching out the front window of the truck and started to howl off an on when she knew we were in the woods and almost to the camper. It wasn't long until friends there walked in the camper bringing booze and soda. I bought a 4 foot long sub sandwich and bent it up to fit in the fridge. All to often friends will visit and drink up and eat up and you pay for it all. Know what I mean? Of course you do. I don't mind feeding a down and hurt'in person you know? There are a few and I don't mind.
  Where was I?

Ennaway.....It's feels good to be home per say apt. The water won't be turned on at the cabin till it's warmer. Then we don't have to carry in water and will be able to shower and not use the porta potty but the real thingy. lol.

  I will take more photos this week.  Wed is the first obedience class for the dog. Yes....he shall learn!!
     Take care this week. Strive to think positive as you are what you think! It is really true.


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