Monday, April 18, 2016

Where Did The Time Go?

I have been moving things into my camper and storing some things by my boyfriends home.
  How did I manage to accumulate more stuff? It just happens I guess. I think stuff multiplies in the closet. Don't you? Last Saturday Jon helped me with my camper. He took a leaf blower and cleared my camper site of about two feet high of leaves. It really looks nice. I cleaned the cupboards and filled them. It took me awhile to get this plastic zippered mattress cover on. Jon kept busy outside knowing what a pain it is to get those things on a mattress. He was smart lol. I got to drive the green gater. Here's a pic of Jon driving around with the gator.

  I had so much fun with that gator. Jon will let me use it this summer to go to the lake fishing and driving around to visit camper friends. Tomorrow my friend is having back surgery. I went to Mc D's early this morning to have coffee with her. Tomorrow I take my friends German Shepard to the groomers. My van is low and bigger than her jeep lol. The shepard is old and too heavy to lift in jeep. That's what friends do, help each other. Boy it's time to sleep. I packed my van today and hauled and I am pooped. This laptop will be unplugged tomorrow. I am not sure when I will post again. I will be mostly living in my camper for the summer or by Jon's every now an then. I am having fun and doing what I want and that is so great. I thank God for bringing Jon into my life. 

This is a photo of my granddaughter meeting her new half brother for the first time. Look at the wonder and amaze in her face. She is holding Paul, my new grandson.

Take care and stay on the sunnyside!


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  1. Well I wondered what you were up to. Now I know. Good luck and carry on. You're one tough lady!


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