Friday, July 31, 2015

Late Night Babble

     Well today was great. I went for my appointment I set up yesterday by stopping in to make sure. You see most salons here do not take appointments anymore except for in depth coloring etc jobs I guess. They were great about it and liked I stopped in. So it was my time at the salon. Oh and my years of problem eyebrows? With scars and those wire hairs Ma called devil horns? ALL taken care of. My new stylist I knew right away she knows her job. My brows she made narrower so the scars don't matter and invisible. She really put thought into how to help my brows. One brow always looked bigger than the other because hair will not grow in a scar you see. Never saying a word "RIP!" and I did not squeal no but when she asked me if I was ok, I answered in a high voice "Uh huh". ha haa. From the waxing my brows they were red and swollen but it was totally worth it!!!
  Now my hair do. I want my old style I loved when I was a hippie younger. I got the style from a movie Barb was in. I had to have that do!! I told my stylist I know it will take months but I eventually want my groove back lol! Here is a picture of
Barb with the do I love.

     It was a wash an pick'n go style. If a bit fuzzy spritz this curl stuff on and scrunch your hair and the curls come back. Very cool. No helmet style perm just a freedom perm for me. My stylist loved my car and told me at 63 I am not old. Bless her heart! Her name is Amy and by golly the vertical rods she did and fixed the chopped cut I got from Walmart. She performed a miracle. She said not to wash hair for 72 hours or three days as it could wash out this type of perm. I was never told that before or is my memory fading? No I am positive I don't know lol. I sipped delish coffee and if they had a gal who would do nails I probly would have had that done too. This was all new to me in a way. If I can't find a companion at least I'll feel purdy.

     I felt really good today doing for me. I then for lunch made myself the best sub sandwich and the worst to try an eat LOL!! The tomato slices kept slipping popping out like corks from a bottle and the mayo dripping and then the lettuce started escaping flying out along with the tomatoes. It was becoming a sloppy mess and I was laughing out loud eating this mess. It was SO delish!
  I talked with my friend Donna tonight and we decided to go to the Cascade firemens picnic together tomorrow. It is south of here rural. She will pick me up as I don't drive nights or drive on highways anymore. I only bought my car to zip around town for shopping. I don't want a semi trailer to blow me off the road. So tomorrow shall be fun. I haven't gone to a firemens picnic in many years. I hope to see lots of people I know from the area. But I realize most have died now and I have learned to be in the now and never expect something. That just sets you up for disappointments.
  I finished my birdbath. My batteries are dead in my camera or else I'd have photos. I made it from a lamp base and a ceiling glass light shade.
  Have a nice fun weekend!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

End of July

  End of July already. Can you believe it? The heat wave for 12 days now will be around another four days. I've been reminded on facebook it could be worse. In Texas my friends told me how bad it is there. California friends told me how bad it is there. If you go online and watch world weather it really is crazy strange. So my fans are getting me through and the little ac doesn't do much. Electric cost is high here compared to Missouri where it really is needed to survive. Canada looks good right now ha. But the grass is not greener. You have to make it greener for yourself I learned. Attitude is key.

  I just have the porch floor to paint now and a second coat on steps. The floor will get two coats too.
I am not getting a discount on rent or paid for expense of paint and supplies. That is ok I need these projects somehow. Keeps me physically challenged and to keep me moving. But a thank you would be nice. Just sayin.
I am looking forward to the Jazz Crawl coming up and music will be all around Plymouth. I am looking forward to the county fair also. I have not been at the generations (senior center) in awhile. It is just no fun sorry to say. That's what's missing. You won't see folks laughing having a good time. Most are in their late 70's. Where are the folks in their 60's? At the bars and events around town. Fishing on the lakes at the races. Living life hard and doing their bucket list. Some are raising their grandchildren or caretakers for parents.  Some working as social security isn't enough or medical bills. Gee where did this post wander off to?
  Ennaway I will go to events at Generations to support them. I am looking for my own personal CHEERS. You know the tv show? Where everyone knows your name? I haven't found it yet.
  It looks like the threat of bad weather is gone and a breeze finally. So I will go out and start painting the porch floor. I take my time. Take care!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dusty thirsty birds...

  Because of the road being replaced it is dusty and so are the birds. I had wanted a birdbath but boy have you seen the prices of them?  I put out a clay saucer and noticed it was being used quite a bit. Even a fight broke out at the water! So I thought of making my own bird bath watering hole.


I saw this on pinterest. Old lamp bases turned into bird baths!!
I am not sure of using glass anything sitting out in the yard with kids playing near it. I could see shattered glass and owies and oh my no no no.
I must find a metal type and even a plastic bowl and use e6000 glue. Man that glue is fab!
I saw a tree lamp made into a feeder. It was interesting. 


I thought this cup feeder was cute to hang on a shepards pole. 
Again use E6000 glue but tip the cup some. There are Blue Jays that fight birds everyday in my backyard. I swear they are associated with the mob see, and they come to collect everyday.

Ennaway....The road work right outside my house here is interesting if you visualize the earth shaking bumps and thumps as the Huge walkers from Star Wars right outside! Cool eh? Heh.
You must have an imagination to create your environment sometimes.  Yesterday I needed to go to laundromat. This nice young man jumped on his back hoe and shoved the big pile of gravel in front of my driveway so I could get out. He chuckled at my car then LOL but I laughed with him as hey this car is FUN!! I did my laundryat 'Sit'n Spin' Love that name....there was a young woman I had seen there before using a walker. We talked the whole time I was there. Her husband left her when she was diagnosed with a muscle disease. How devastating. I listened to her and became her sounding board and gave advice when she asked. I came home blessed I can drive and walk again!!
I do not take anything for granted. I remember some years ago going to sleep just fine and waking up not being able to move the pain was so bad. I will not take anything for granted but enjoy in the now, the moment.

     I watered my garden this morning and washed my dishes before construction guys turned off water. Turning on and off water like that shakes up sediments from pipes and not good for your water heater. One must clean out faucet aerators too. I had a nice conversation with a man in the home improvement center at Vinnies. He was impressed he told me of my knowledge. He asked me what something was in his hand and I glanced and told him it was a circuit breaker. I then thought this guy was NOT very knowledgeable lol! Everyone knows what a breaker is, right? I bought me a calk gun to use around the windows and doors on the porch I am painting. I scraped and painted the ceiling already. This house was poorly maintained and it shows. Like I had said I can put lipstick onnah pig, but it's still ah pig. It's like putting a suit on Uncle Buck but the suit does not change his manners. Did that make sense? Sure it did. I said something at the street cafe other day and this lady said something to take the glory out of what I said...follow? I told her she jist licked the red off my candy. Now most all the elderly there laughed like crazy and said they hadn't heard that saying in many years. Heh so I got the last laugh you could say.
  Now it's time to woodburn this picture I am jist starting. It's ah doozey! Wanna see the the pattern?? it is...............................

Yes I love this wizard and yes this is a woodburning someone did
and now I want to do it too!
Fun!!!! It makes me relax as you must hold the hot pen ever so lightly.
Patience and steadyness.



Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting things done, sort of...

Getting things done, sort of...

  The pastor phoned me to cancel my lesson yesterday. He was doing the waiting game he said to sign for medical delivery and they hadn't arrived yet. I told him it was alright as the road construction in front of my apt had barrels across my driveway and seemed digging and well I thought I could drive my car down the sidewalk to the next street after driving over Mr Wilsons yard (?) Pastor thought this was meant to be canceled then so till next week. 
  o now the whole day or the rest of it is, well open to catch up on little things. So I hung the curtains in the porch. There are 5 windows and I put the lace curtains on the bottom half of windows. Now no valances. I decided each window could have a hanging fake crafty stained glass look something hanging down the middle of each one. I knew just who I could ask. My son's girl friends 5 girls! So I need to go find 5 crafty kits for plastic stained glass for the girls to paint. They would love that and would see what they made hanging in the windows every time they'd come over.

  The box store is clearing out their half dead flowers. 50 cents each!! So I got 4 Geraniums and a tall grass spike plant for in the middle. So for 2 bucks and nice perk up for the back porch.

  My break is over now. I will pull weeds in my itty bitty garden some more. A few green bean plants have been nibbled down to their stubs stems. Nothing has bothered my lettuce. Strange.
  Have a great day. The heat will be on starting tomorrow here for a week. I my spend alot of time at the senior center....somewhere that has ac!!!!
Stay on the sunnyside!

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 4th on the 11th

  Plymouth celebrated the 4th of July on Saturday the 11th. Makes sense right? Gives people a chance to celebrate it again! The whole main street down town was closed off to traffic. Vendors on both sides of street and music and food galore.  I tried to take a photo looking west yet blocks behind me wasn't shown. So look at this photo and think it's the same behind me. It was hot but the clouds made it better. The breeze came as I was leaving naturally.

I enjoyed myself. I ate a Gyro and backlava a hamburger bottle of water and a rootbeer float.
I sat and listened to music and I even got to hug ah horse. A BIG one! He nuzzled my chest and I just wrapped my arms around and hugged. He actually closed his eyes! That tells me he enjoyed it right back.

I met up with an internet salesperson whom I could not understand but the sign said it was out of this world fast!

I was 10 minutes late for church Sunday. I miss my air conditioning as the heat and high humidity makes my muscles hurt more. Dang. But I told myself no excuses and got there. The pastor smiled at me and later told me I looked tired. I actually looked like I was pulled through a knothole.  After I attended bible class for 2 hours and got home at noon. It was enlightening and the coffee was so good too!

I took a picture of my itty bitty garden and my Rubbermaid shed. You will see my old wooden bench by the shed where I do alot of thinking and resting and drinking coffee.

You can see weeds love my garden too. See the neighbors corn?
Knee high by 4th of July! It's actually butt high butt I won't do height jokes.
I do cut lettuce for my daily sandwich from my garden. The shed is nice and has two skylights.
My garlic and onions are growing nice. My cucumber behind the shed is really doing good and my squash. My green beans are bushing out too. WI dirt you can grow anything I believe.
About time I have some pictures. I didn't know where the camera cord went but since found it, look out! LOL!! Have a great week ahead and plan some fun.
Stay on the sunnyside!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Where has the weak gone?

 You caught that right? Yes I am stronger but  my D.O.'s nurse conveyed to me my once in awhile Seagrams Escape drink with itty bitty alcohol in it I am not to have while on this med. It may have caused some bleeding I had early week. I checked the book of side effects of this med and it says the med can cause internal bleeding all by itself! I made sure it did not say chocolate was a no. Whew I can have that still. Actually sugar is too high in the classification of diabetes. My son told me today his doc gives him three months to lower his sugar as he is in the high range too. My two sisters, my mother my three grandparents all had or have diabetes so what were the odds?
I watch what I eat some but right now I am enjoying to eat! I had lost 44 pounds and put 20 back on as I was too skinny.
  I went to bible class and it was enlightening. I am to take eight classes to refresh my memory of my religion I grew up with. Basically to go through what what was learned in catechism class to conformation to become an adult and member of church in 7th and 8th grade. I am good with that as I was Baptist in MO which I had disagreements allot. There wasn't a church there that was my religion.

  I am up again, can't sleep. Such a great day and tomorrow another one! 
Ok I am tired now. I shall resume this later on sometime.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Opening Night

     Such a busy day yesterday but I took my time. My son finished moving into the apartment upstairs. It seems I inherited his cat Mr Kirby. My son is never home much and he says Kirby needs the attention. I don't mind I just to make sure this is what he wants.
  So now my stuff under my bed can come out. I forget what's under there and other places. I really gave away allot so this apt will look plenty big. My first instinct is to clean clean ....wait I want to go get some blinds for windows and get me a cuppa mocha at cafe....sounds good to me! I will not do chores ALL the time any more!!!! I want to live life.
  Lessee where was I?
  Yesterday. I went to Sit'n Spin to do laundry and there was a man and wife that looked so familiar. He remembered me, we worked at the same grocery store years ago. It was nice chatting with those two while doing laundry. I got home and tried to take a nap before the opening show at the arts center. Neighbors were loud and fireworks and dogs barking I got a couple winks. I actually went to usher the show without my cane! Never leave home without it I learned. After the first act was intermission which then I mosied and shuffled out. My job was done and I do NOT drive at night! It was dusky and I got home got my jammies on got a drink and turned on computer. I felt it best to leave at intermission than during 2nd act. Donna from Cascade who runs the center is very good at her job. After this busy holiday weekend between church and art center and Vinnies and going to senior center my calendar will get filled. How great is that? Who knew my life would change this much. Yes I still hurt all over 24/7 but it is not severe but manageable most times. But I don't want to blog about my health anymore. Just what I am doing lol!
  Today will be weeding my little garden and watering it good. I have a bench in my garden which I can sit and pull weeds from. My gourd seeds are up and some carrots. Not all 20 cent packet carrot seeds came up. But you know that is ok.
  Have a nice and safe holiday weekend!

Visit Art Center by clicking HERE.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Two Days innah Row....


     Yesterday Sweet Pea and I went shopping. I waited for her by the front drive so she could find me and where I live. I don't live in a castle but you know, that's ok. She loved my car. She drove a Smart car when she was in California and loved it. Yep I enjoy mine for poppin around town. She took me to Hobby Lobby in Sheboygan. My jaw dropped and eyes bulging ha haa. My first time in the store. I shopped online you see. WOW!!! I purchased a few wood items to paint and woodburn. Sweet Pea pulls out her phone and doodles on it and comes up with an awesome coupon for me. How cool is that? She took me to this other store and the fashion there knocked my socks off if I was wearing any!! She said it was sad I never buy new and didn't know the new fashions. I do buy new but at WalMart sometimes.  I bought a beautiful blouse and she helped me find a mid-long skirt for church. Again she doodles on phone and gets a coupon for me. She drove back to Plymouth and I treated us to lunch at Culvers. I had what she was having a cod sandwich. Oh was that good! We chatted about her Mom who was my BFF for 26 years and has passed on about 13 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.
  The girl talk the laughing, was so much fun. I missed her so my Sweet Pea.
     Last evening I walked to the library and met Barbara the pastors wife there. She invited me to bible class on Thursday (today). Yes I went to the bible class today. I met the pastor at the Arts center and his wife over a month ago. I so enjoyed the very informative class. He is a very good teacher. I like it when the teacher tells the history surrounding about what we're going to read and meanings of words in todays language. It gives such a better understanding for me. I met some wonderful women all my age there. I joined the church family and got hugs. The church has an old giant pipe organ. I can't wait to hear it play!  It's a small church and it hasn't blown the windows out, yet. From there I went to Vinnies and found a couple things I needed. A rug mat that won't slide around by the back door for one thing.  Another wonderful day and I am exhausted. Tomorrow will be busy and evening I will be ushering at the live jazz show . I shall enjoy immensely.