Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Grey Day Gray Day

  I never know which way to spell grey gray. Any hints?

So ennaway my sweetie in one quick swoop of vocal explanations I  kaboshed the tiny house project.
My research was in Missouri for Missouri and not Wisconsin. DOH!
Wisconsin has way too many days of clouds in winter for solar panels to keep batteries charged.
Our friend has the materials to build one and I'd like to watch and even help some. When he mentioned winter it wouldn't work the last time I quickly said I would hitch it to my vehicle and pull her to Texas in my friend Jerry's yard. He rolled his eyes HA!!! 

But some came back up like ah fur ball innah cat. The mobilhome our friend will sell me fully furnished. It's up north where I love it. Yes I WILL look at it and know I will love it but best write questions down before I see it. Common sense I'd say. I had to think on every avenue of living and what I would like for me. This place and the owners and I have become great friends and would be my neighbors up north. I will update on this journey when time comes.
I went to McD's this morning and just missed my roomate leaving there. Guess what? I have no phone! It must be at my sweeties house on kitchen table? So I have no communications today. It is very quiet lol!
Yesterday I started half like sit ups. It's better for your back. I was able to do 30. Okay then 29 1/2 sortah. But first did my slow stretching routine I do every morning, well almost every morning, okay when I remember.  Details!! I am loosing this winter muffin top which puffs out the top of my jeans. It came quickly during the cold spell and no exercise no walking the dog. 
Tomorrow is camera day. I will take my camera with me all day and take photos. Boring? Maybe.
But I must get back into my photography.
Have a good day!!!!!!


Friday, February 19, 2016

Moving forward

  I really am moving forward except for this flu bug. I drank herb tea today to help.
I took shower and that made me feel better too. I am going over to my honey's for supper and hopefully he will pamper me HA HAA! My roomate and other friends are fighting this flu thingie too.
Seems to last two days.
  With all the support in friends I have I can honestly say I am alright. Mov'in on.
  I have marked down some apartments that will do me right and accept my little dog. Next week I shall 'LOOK' at a few or a couple  I've narrowed it down to. I need my own space and my own routine. Things will pan out. Ya just gottah have faith ya know?

     I will have to sit down and work out a budget. I am still smoke free! March 23rd will be a year smoke free. I can breathe better and no chest crackle noises . My health continues to get better. Isn't that a miracle in itself? The chiropractor by the way,  took my limp away. Now I walk better and my feet have no sores now. Now, if I only had ah brain LOL!!! OZ or God has given me a new life I cherish and never ever take for granted.
  Play in the sunnyside my friend. Let nothing get you down! You have many blessings. Start counting!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Brother Allen

     My brother died Friday Feb 12th in the afternoon at home in hospice care. His kidnesys shut down last year and had dialysis three times a week. His late diagnosis of prostate cancer went into his bones and spread. His pain is now gone and his spirit released to final destination. I will miss him and cherish the good memories we had.

Left to right, brotherinlaw Marvin Barts,me, and my brother Allen in January 2016 at Northside McDonalds Sheboygan. Marvin picked Allen up after Al's dialysis.

I am so thankfull of my great friends at this time and my love John.
Memorial service at church in Howards Grove WI. Tuesday Feb 16th 2016.