Thursday, July 28, 2016

Too Busy This HOT Summer

     Hello my faithful followers!

I have been busy helping my boyfriend (I feel funny saying boyfriend) or my better half?
This Spring I bought a 30 foot beautiful camper which was offered with a rare a site available at a lake resort.  Who knew I would spend ALL my time at my better halfs camper?
Well this weekend my camper maybe sold (hope)
I have been busy stacking wood for our camper and the house. There is a wood burner/gas furnace. We get along so good it's a miracle LOL!
I've painted his trailer hitches (has four of them) to look nice. I take care of small garden. I painted front iron railings. He keeps me moving and mostly (bless his heart) motivated.
We deep fried a perfect turkey for the 4th of July and had our great neighbors over.

My better half
We also deep fried an 8 pound free range chicken and had our camper neighbors over to help eat.

My very own wood shop being built at his camper with neighbors helping.
We always say we are having too much fun LOL!

My grandson is becoming like his daddy and me? I LOVE this picture sent to me LOL!

Our Bella not wanting to leave my camper. You see I allow her to go on my couch. This is a treat because she is NOT allowed on any furniture otherwise. Do I spoil her?

Bella is about 14 years old and has arthritis and old age is noticed now more than ever. Just like us. We are giving her a good life and deserves to be spoiled. Like me LOL!!!
I best sign off as the ac man is coming to fix the ac. Luckily today is a cooler day.

One More Picture! 

Look at our hydrangeas!
Big huh?
Stay COOL!






  1. the camper life is always so much fun....

  2. Hi Toodie! Long time no see! I haven't been around much as well due to my present living situation. It's been pretty damn hot here. Today (Friday)is the first day in nearly two weeks that it hasn't been over 90 degrees. Things seem to be going along nicely for you and I am happy for you! We've known each other for a few years now and it's nice to hear from you again. I wish I had a camper! Stay cool my friend.

  3. I thought maybe you got lost in the woods, and checked for you often. So glad you are living a good life and keeping busy. That's a nice happy face on the deep fry cook!

  4. I'm catching up as I missed these posts. Glad to see you are having a good time and enjoying your life. So happy for you!

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