Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Happy Easter"

"Happy Easter"

     Yesterday my friends and I gave a birthday party at a diner for our other friend. It was a surprise.
being her 69th she did not want to celebrate. She had lots of fun too!
     Last night was the first obedience class at the pet store for the dog. After an hour he wore down and gave in to commands LOL!!! Steady work with him till next week. I still don't know if it will actually turn Buddy into the perfect dog. Or us into perfect dog handlers.

     I am not sure what I am doing this Easter. But I do know I am going to church bon fire Saturday night and church service Sunday. No over nights at camper till it's warmer. We got sleety snow yesterday and today. Pretty crappy out there. Six inches of slush.

     Enjoy your holiday and remember Gods grace.




  1. Hey Toodie it's been a while! How ya doin'? Your dog is deaf, Arlene's dog is blind and Dave's dog can be a pain in the ass, but he's harmless and apparently, gets real excited when I show up. Once he calms down he's an affectionate little guy.
    I see you have a acoustic guitar with a cutaway. I wish I got one when I bought my acoustic.

  2. Happy Easter Toodie! Sounds like an adventure in dog training. We do it the old fashioned way with our...this involves pretty much: "good dog" or "no". Hey, I'm a simple man!

  3. Blessings to you Toodie.. hope your Easter was a good one. I stayed home and enjoyed it mostly. I did not have to make a big meal this year..I liked that a lot. Good luck with Buddy.. :-)

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