Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello!! Is it me yer look'in Four?

     Today I told myself GO FOR IT! If I want to wash that spotty grey out of my hair ....then Do It!
     The picture on the left is my new hair. It has filled in more if you notice. I used vitamin herbal shampoo and conditioner to make my hair grow. I had a trim the other day to even things out. Even had my brows waxed!

My roommate has been on a trip to Texas and Padre Island. I am keeping busy. I went out yesterday with my camera. Ok ok I hear you saying "About time!" Ha haaa.

Some photos of lake Michigan shore and pier and boardwalk or called river walk. All along the river walk are resturants an bar an grills. Very friendly place to get a beverage and plant yourself on a bench and watch the entertaining water and seagulls. The ice islands were floating in the river. Not much at all this winter. Some mallards were following me as I walked the board walk. I had to take a picture of the pair.

Does anyone look up in Sheboygan? This is a statue of a chimney sweep atop a brick chimney stack. Shame on me for seeing this for the first time last summer. I think it is made of cast iron. I look up allot more now.
My Buddy! Whom we figured out is deaf.

I now do dog sign language to him and he listens well.
I keep a leash on him now.
Here is a pic of my fav boat by the dock for many years.
Needs scraping and paint but I missed seeing the lake and this boat while I lived in Missouri. The lake air is so different from the dry air of Princeton MO. Yes my joints hurt more here but dang there is so much one can do here lol!
     I will have a mentor in wood carving next week at the senior center. I am excited to learn that and also starting sign language lessons! I pray to excel at both.
  Now it's time to take myself out for supper and a cocktail lol!
Have a good night and stay on the sunnyside where there is more there than you know!



  1. There is something special about being near the water. Even though I don't live too far from the ocean, there is something special when I'm on vacation (you know where) to walk down to the ocean and watch the sun rise.
    I didn't know you played guitar! We have that in common!

    1. Never been near the ocean, but it's on my bucket list. I told you I played guitar. You must have lost the notes lol!

  2. Looking good Toodie! I really enjoyed your blog today!

  3. We have a deaf Old English Sheepdog who is an absolute sweetheart! Didn't know she was def at first so training was tough, but once we figured it out it has been Sheepdog Heaven!

  4. Very nice post.really I apperciate your blog.Thanks for sharing.keep sharing more blogs.



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