Sunday, January 17, 2016

Frozen Tundra

  Yes the Packers lost last night even with their hail Mary pass touchdown. GreenBay and WI is known to many as the frozen Tundra. Well this morning the temperature was minus 6 degrees F

  Everything is frozen out there. The buildings now and then make a sound of the temperature change. The sound of creeks and cracks and booms is daunting to say the least. We get through it. At least the smart ones.

  My dog finally 'got it' from Pudgy the rat cheewowah about using a dog's piddle pad. The walk in shower is three inches above the floor. My dog Buddy stands NEXT to that and seems to AIM for the piddle pad in the shower. He actually makes it!! Ok a dribble back to where he stood but boy I give him a 7 on aim and a 9 on distance!!! I give him a treat for the prize. It's too cold to let the dogs out. Their feet would get frostbite or bleed.
  I am hunkered down today and tomorrow. Too dang cold it is dangerous being alone. That's my story an I'm stickin to it! I baked a ham and had hot Bush's beans hard rolls chips dip olives pickles and more I can't think of right now. Our friends took us to lunch at what they call crazy hour cause we joke way too much and laugh. So I made the spread last night to enjoy the Packer game on my big screen. We all were stuffed and sleepy and the guys went home before the game ended. I went to bed thinkin the Packers will win.....DUH! I can't believe I go to bed so early. SHHH don't let anyone know this. They'll say I'm old.

     The word got out there I want to move south. Now I have three men who came out from the woodwork. HA!! I'm on speaking terms with my person in Michigan again and he doesn't want to lose me. Now a man in Waukesha who is a very nice man wants us to go out when it warms up. He is very good lookin to boot!  One in Utah?? Yes, one in Utah wants or I should say thinkin of wisking me away to live the country life!! Do you hear me giggl'in like a school girl? I' takin it slow and wise.

     I am still lookin for an acoustic guitar. I decided a 12 string sortah like I had. I'll hold off. One less thing to move. My friend Sue is feeling better. The infection in her surgery is healing. They went in a cleaned out the infection. She still has cancer and it will be awhile before treatment. 4 surgeries in three weeks! That is too much.
  I'm gonna munch on some ham and bake something to heat the condo. Keep warm and be safe!





  1. Just think...Spring and new life will begin and your life will change. It's inevitable. Just get through day by day until...........

  2. Sorry about your team. After Winter comes Spring and renewal. Your life just keeps getting better!


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