Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Ya Doing?

  Hello. It's been quite ah life's ride. I am looking to move south. I just about got frost bite. I had to scrape my windows and it was well below zero. My brother is not doing well with his cancer and my good friend is in hospital with her cancer. I broke off my man friend and dang I am doing what I can to stay on the sunnyside of life.

     So ennaway I took myself shopping this morning after early am coffee at McD's. I bought me a top with turquoise in it.  A turquoise ring and earrings. Ok the jewelry is silver but faux stones.
I now feel so much better! LOL! It is really hard to find a sober non smoker man in this area. Oh well.
  I am not renewing the senior center or it's activities. Now you see I am serious of moving.
  My friend Pam likes to go 2nd hand store shopping and she doesn't drive. Sooooo road trip and shopping soon!!
  My pup is gaining weight just like I am lol. It is too cold to go for walks!!
Best go make a dinner as company is coming. Spaghetti and meatballs!!!!!!

     Stay on the sunnyside my friend. Don't take life so serious and hug everyone!



  1. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other my grandpa used to say. Blessings to you Toodie.

  2. Do what your mind tells you and not what others do. Make your own path. You will be fine....


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