Friday, March 4, 2016

Picture if you will......

     Yah, I'm sorry I have no photos. BUT if I did you would think I was having just too much insane fun. Yesterday I knew my mancake was getting his new phone plus a new number. Well not quite late afternoon two friends came over to go to casino in Green Bay. I could not say no and my friend Dennis said "GOOD" cause he and I have so much fun together like two peas innah pod. Dennis drove and my roomate and her man friend were in back. I messaged my mancake on phone then realized he may not get it. Now what? He never called me last night. I was told the new phone would have to be fully charged before use. His old phone was cut off night before last. I was worried? No, unsettled? Maybe. I just didn't feel right not being able to tell him where I was going and doing. Today I realize our relationship really has trust and no doubt and a great foundation. I trust him completely and he me. He went with Cellcom for phone. I liked the phone too and may switch over.

  Oh I did ok gambling last night. I spent and I made it all back plus ah bit. Had allot of fun. This time Dennis and I did not dance for luck but we did sing a few songs and put luck wishes on machines. LOL! Our humor is the same just like my mancake and I. I was getting man cake withdrawal as I always see him everynight. I guess thst means something huh?

     Oh and muffin top is the flesh that's squeezed up over the top of your jeans! If you didn't know....Paul. Ha!

     Tonight is movie night I hope as it was supposed to be last night but I was kidnapped and taken to a casino. That's my story an I'm stickin to it.
     Winter clothes is on sale dirt cheap right now. I bought me a nice red/black flannel man's shirt. I can use that year round. Especially fishing or working in shop. My mancake has a huge workshop which I will be seeing soon. He will give me a nice space in it for me to work on my wood projects. This summer will be spent mostly at his cabin by a small lake fishing and driving a gator for fun. A gator is a six wheel motorized cartlike which his basset hound likes riding in too. I have no idea how much woodworking I'll be doing ha haa. Looks like a fun summer eh?
  Stay on the sunnyside!


  1. Hey, lucky you in more than one way. A summer by the lake sounds real relaxing. Looking forward to kicking up my heels a little too, but my life is more mundane than yours.

  2. Ya know, just before I started reading your blog, it dawned on me what you meant by "muffin top." It's getting tougher to control.
    I misread and misunderstood your line, " I messaged my mancake on phone then realized..." I read it as "massaged my mancake on the phone", and thought, "What's going on here?" I read a little more and was ready to make a Monty Python routine out of it. "My mancake has a huge workshop..." and "I have no idea how much woodworking I'll be doing ha haa." Anyway I got a chuckle out of it at my own expense.
    Have a blast Toodie!

  3. You wild woman you! I'm glad you're having so much fun.

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