Monday, June 29, 2015

Trees are falling....

 I hear kah-thunks all day so far of cut limbs and the city downing trees along the highway in town.

 There is a house in there? Sure was buried in trees.

So sad to see trees cut down and not be replaced.
Oh and noticed I found my camera cord?
Off to get my emissions tested.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I need a Calendar!

     Yes one for the wall but I really need one to write down what's going on that day. 
This week is a good example and I have scribbled on my son's calendar who's coming over when. 
He will be moving upstairs next month and there will go his calendar lol!
  I have to write a budget of sorts also. I must buy more post-its LOL!!!
A long time friend is coming over Thursday and also final doings with mobilhome. Finally.
I took myself out and downtown to a cute street cafe. I had a special coffee I can't pronounce let alone spell. It was very good fudgy cinnamon with lots of froth. Many older adults there wearing sunglasses ha haa. Notice I didn't say Old Farts? A few were talking about that itty bitty car parked out front LOL!! Fun!

I must admit I am liking this freedom that I CAN DO what I want when I want within reason of course. This is so new to me to go out there and not stay home all the time and do chores.
I remember Mom making us kids keep the house spotless but nobody came over except relation once a year maybe if that. Sad I thought. 
Ennway yesterday after the cafe I went to Vinnies and found the black flats and a pair of lightly tinted purple small oval sunglasses for live Jazz volunteering. I will wear my black leggings. I haven't found a black French hat yet. Beatnick will be fun and oh yes 'snap the fingers' ha haa.
Life for me is opening up like a flower. I find myself laughing out loud and saying "I can do that!"
I am still a non smoker but everyday unconsciously I reach for... and then a oh ya moment. It happens once a day and the urge goes away. Out and about I inhale 2nd hand smoke and once inhaled  bonfire smoke and my son was holding me back LOL!!
Have a great week. I will try to make time to blog!!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Rubber Maid Shed is Assembled

  It turned out the assembly instructions pdf printed out (a book!) was NOT my shed. Apparently they have another shed the same size. So we winged it and I remembered some of how it was taken apart. The girls laughed when I came back from the house with sodas and they asked me "You get the stool?" Oh that's what I went to house for! dang see right there the outcome was questionable HA HAA!
We did get it up and we have 27 extra parts we have no idea LOL we all laughed so but it was hot and we were all sweaty and tired and I said enough and thanked them soooo much for helping this sorry butt ha haa. I will look into the correct instructions. It looks great and I have my bike and garden tools and water hose and reel in it. The neighbors came over to talk when I was watering my garden and they really like the shed. We chatted and laughed and dang a great day! The girls loved my Smart car. They were so happy for me they hugged me. The room inside is impressive. A puddle jumper my neighbor called it ha ha. I just want to get to stores here and do not go on trips or on freeway. There is lots of places to go right here and over there and there ha. I don't have to ask someone to take me grocery shopping etc.
  The neighbors have their fire pit burning wood tonight and my house smells like it. Oh, and I LOVE it!
  I am sore and very tired. Live in the moment! Night night.



Friday, June 19, 2015

How did my week go?

     This week I realized there's nothing to get upset about and have faith everything will work out.
So my doctor visit turned out well. There were all three docs there to see me. Wow huh? So each one had their report and advice. What was interesting was about my brain tumor. I am not to worry about it as they knew all about those kind and the Missouri docs saying an MRI every year was a money maker for them. They all told me to get my own car as I am to get out there and socialize. Boy they sure emphasized that. My shrink gave me lots of advice and it was interesting. A boy with a adopted Dad with Asbergers disease can pick up his outlook and attitude and more. I gained some weight and I am right where I should be now. Lots of advice and lots for me to do.
  My sons vehicle studdered like a gas issue or something stuck but driveable. He now has to get that fixed. Wed the habitat was to pickup what was left in garage and mobilhome. They arrived late with a half a truck available or half full already and they couldn't take most everything cause one man had a muscle strain and couldn't lift. Oh man huh? I talked with the park owner and we worked it out. He is a great man. Ennaway I exhaled and everything worked out.
  A car.....Yes I found my fun car. Something I WANT to get in and GO!! I love it more than my 1962 vw bug I had years ago. Yep you guessed...........

a 2008 Smart car for two!! The ride is nice and I love it!!!
This picture I took off the internet. 
Tomorrow two people are coming to help me put my rubbermaid shed together!
It's my x-dil and her sister and my granddaughter. It should be fun. My new car
might fit in it LOL!!!
It's 54.5 inches by 73.5 inches. My shed is 7x7 foot.

I am a volunteer for Live Jazz nights at the arts center. I will be ushering.
How cool man is that? I will get to hear live music grouups for two months!
I am having fun and what I thought would be emotional turned out fine.
I am being kinder to myself and my calendar is filling up with things to do and places to go to!
Stay on the sunnyside and life will shine back on you.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Self Dating

   This is what my doc's nurse told me. I should start doing things. "Treat yourself"  she said.
Schedule days to do special things she said. My D.O. ordered me to double my daily dose of meds and see her in a week. If the dose causes bad thoughts I am to go to ER. Yep that's what she told the nurse to tell me. If you don't know depression, well it takes time to get it somewhat under control .
So let's get back to this treating myself. I think of dog treats for behaving lol! This is odd to me dating myself. Take me out for fun and laughs. Get myself flowers and chocolates? This is now entering creepy eh? Now my life has been sacrificing, chores doing without, chores and did I mention chores? Vacations? Camps or going out to just have fun? Um a few times. I forgot how to have fun with someone let alone myself? Never myself.
  The date I met and sat with at the play last night was a retired dentist. He seemed to know my old stomping ground pretty good. I was uncomfortable cause I did not want to answer all his questions.
Can we skip that part? I guess not. The play was great! Laughed like crazy. The theater had to turn people away! It was FULL to capacity. Redundant, sorry. My son impressed me over the moon. He can speak Jersey and German and acted like a cat down to the hairball growl and eating a fish from a fish bowl. I heard people say things about him that he is the best actor and they had to come see him.
The now sad part is he and his girlfriend decided they both can't be in a play at the same time. The kids miss them so much and his girlfriend is the director/writer etc. I am not sure how they will work it out but my son says the kids come first. All 11 of them. They want one more to make it ah dozen.
What can I say?

     Rainy today and I have planned to go to church tomorrow. Chuck a bearded actor at the art center is a minister of the faith I grew up with. Not far away at all. I could actually walk it. Monday I penciled in a Banana split at DQ and going to ask to be a volunteer at St Vinnies. Baby steps of taking myself out lol. I plan to visit the library also. BUT understand I in the past will cancel allot due to many excuses because of fear.
    Until next time....................

Friday, June 12, 2015

Steady rain, weird

 It amazes me of the rains we get now. Steady rain with little to no thunder or lightening. Steady all day and through the night. I imagine this is what a rain forest gets. I wish the big countries would stop experimenting trying to control the weather. They try to blame it on global warming but seriously not them? Yes even America conducts experiments. Common sense will tell you it will upset the pattern and jet streams and our future.

     The weather makes ones body ache and I am no exception. Tonight is opening night for the play and my so called date. It's just two people sitting together to watch a play and that's it.
Eennaway I still don't have the money for the sale of my home....the park manager has it and will give it to me when he feels everything is removed from property. I hope restore (habitat for humanity) will take everything left. They might waver on the bed. BUT they didn't say no when I mentioned it on the phone. Just an OK to everything.
  So I got another van load to st Vinnies. It feels good to give it away. I do want to live simply and not STUFF that's not needed. I do need an electric can opener. I was glad to rid of mine. A hand opener I cannot always use or it just hurts to sometimes.
  This rain should help set off the seeds I planted in garden. Nothing like rain water to notice.
Have a nice weekend!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Finding Waldo or things

  I still haven't found the cord for my camera to plug into laptop. It's in my heaped full bedroom somewhere. Or is it? There is a short list of what I can't find. Looking at my bedroom it looks like one of those cluttered pictures of where's Waldo.
 My exciting weekend? I exhausted myself defied the doctors and I hurt terribly. How's that innah nutshell? You see my son managed to pencil me in two hours Saturday and two hours Sunday morning to drive and help me get more stuff from mobilhome. His procrastination had left me no choice but to go where I was told not to and see for myself. I refused to go inside mobil so I must trust him on most everything is out. Two loads I stuffed the van FULL. Yes the shop in the garage. After we got home with van he got out and left and didn't see him till the next mornings. Yes, I had to empty van and haul the stuff into basement. The creepy short stepped from outside basement. It was hot and I took many many breaks. The mobilhome is sold and paid for and I won't get my money untill the stuff is out from park owner. I have no choice but to do it.
Nobody to help me. I feel so pathetic my ( now disowned)family just doesn't care. Today I am resting with two bottles of aspercream. There's one more load to get including the van bench seat. I will have to do it myself as my son is too busy and can't pencil me in this week. There's not much, mostly clean up. The big saws are there for donation to be picked up. Did I mention my son will be moving upstairs? the renter upstairs gave notice. My son says then I can make this apt my own and he won't feel like a teen living at home again. It is hard for both of us. I just don't understand his time issues and priorities. I am more independent now and stronger thank goodness. It's a process I spose and it has been difficult without a network of friends and family which not having that caused me to go over the edge. That and leaving me alone so long. I believe I'm over the hump and better days ahead. I can't wait to use MY dishes lol!!
Have a nice week and have some fun on me. I may not have time.


Saturday, June 6, 2015


  Yes that's what I did and last night I worked at the Artists Tour for PAC.  I worked the kitchen and I and another lady kept the food tables filled with goodies to eat and the special Satori cheeses. I managed very well walking without my cane. The paintings and other arts were so wonderful. I was so entranced by the digital art on aluminum foil! I wanted to TOUCH it so bad ha haa. Amazing. The digital art picture on stone paper was incredible.  Now someone arranged a so called "Date" for me opening night for the upcoming play at the arts center. She took me over to meet this older man who is a widower and didn't want to go to the play alone. This gal thought the two of us could keep each other company. He is 86 and looks and acts 60. Really nice man. We walked around through some of the exhibit together and chatted. He was volunteering too last night. I ended up doing ALL the dishes myself but hey I had a glass of wine and Lordy I was having fun ha haa. I saw and chatted with some incredible people and saw a David Crosby clone! Oh man I swear he was the real deal. A beautiful young girl entertained everyone by tinkling on the piano. The ivories that is, oye lol! Many art lovers here in Plymouth area . It was packed last night. I will be volunteering more by the way. I dressed up and a few people did not recognize that it was me. One gal said Nancy you look beautiful like she was shocked not seeing me in sweat pants.. I said in a southern accent 'I clean up purty good huh?' Oh yes earrings and a sexy dressy black top that gathered in my midsection with a silver buckle...whoot! Black leggings and my hair done up and makeup. I felt sooo good and so many people chatted with me as I was tending the tables. I haven't primped like that in so long and I didn't recognize me either lol!  I am so thin I can't get used to it.
  I am so tired tonight and will sign off now. Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.

Visit the PAC Art tour by clicking HERE.