Monday, November 30, 2015

Soon I pick HIM up!

     No not the drunken new puppy!! Well he has one puppy tooth left so vet says maybe one year old. Wan't interested in nothing. Nottah. My roomy and I knew he was depressed and well we'd give hime some time there at the humaine society. He likes me! He is now eating and plays with his balls. TOY balls that is. There I go again eh? He will be neutered then on the 9th can bring him home. I had two names I liked and HE liked one. So I named him THAT one. "Buddy!"

  Buddy is small 10 pounds and should loose a few. Walking we BOTH will lose weight. He is black with a spiral hair here an there ha haa. He is 99% cheewawa and the one percent is wire terrier hairs here and there. He is so cute lookin at me and I can't help notice a couple hairs BOING! sticking out LOL!!!

  My new friend whom I've been out with a few times showed symptoms other night at a bonfire we were at. He hollered at me for some little thing then told me to shut up. Red flag!!!! Just like my hubby was....asbergers with thyroid problem big time. Now here is what I did. I stood up and pointed my finger in his face and told him "NOBODY TALKS TO ME LIKE THAT AND YOU WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN, GOT IT?" He then said calmly, "What did I do?" Oh cripes I spent 37 years with that and my red flag said walk away! I did. My roomy heard and seen it all and said she was so proud of me. She did not know the signs but knew he had asbergers and didn't tell me.

  The Christmas parade was really good last night but COLD! Was 27 F. I asked my friend to sit on my frozen toes. I saw the Plymouth parade a couple nights ago and that one was awesome.
  I am still a non smoker! I have more urges lately to light up and I um  did inhale thick 2nd hand smoke over a shoulder and it was nice. Oops. I thought of hangin out at a smoky bars just to get the smoke or ah fix you could say eh? Naw not gonna happen I told myself. I've come too far. 53 years of it was enough an quit last March 23rd. The day I woke up in hospital.

I must go now and woodburn a name on a box for a friend. I also have to make a pumkin pie for someone else by 3pm. Have a good day. Stay busy and stay on the sunnyside!



Friday, November 27, 2015

Touching base here....

.....Oh man it has been awhile since I posted. My bad.
Life is mov'in on and this weather is yukky. Makes my muscles hurt more.
I went with my roommate to the vet to support her in putting her dog down.
That little dog was my buddy these last four months. My good friend Sue is having s second operation this morning. To take out more tissue and resolve the rest with radiation. It's an inpatient thing and she wants to go after to Golden Corral buffet in GreenBay WI. She will feel no pain for the day so silly her to eat and be merry till it wears off. She's a tough cookie.
My Thanksgiving was so nice. My roommate and I made the turket and stuffing and gravy and baked sweet taters (with mellows!) We took it to her daughters house. The glass bowl with glass cover filled with gravy sat between my feet on the floor and my lap was full. I had to steady the gravy with my feet when we turned at a corner. Ya, it was ah hoot. My adopted family gave me such a wonderful holiday  and the food and entertainment was awesome. The laughter priceless.
Last week was my last dr appointment of my last year's astrophysics. It seems I have fibromyalgia and I am doing better these days. There is a man who calls me 'his woman'. Our relationship is Friends. We do things together and humor is right up there with side aches from laughing too much.
He is younger than I but if Madonna can have a younger friend so can I, right??
Today four of us are goin up north to gamble at a casino with the guys money. They insist lol!
Lunch then home as tonight is church bonfire. No, no sacrifices that I know of. Only smores.
Tomorrow my son invited me to lunch and a movie. I believe my granddaughter will be with us. Yay!
The friends have grown in my life to so many. I walk into Mc D's and everyone knows my name. I work my search a word as others do puzzles and others talk of the day. They all are unique and so different, I love it. Best go now an git gussied up!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

One Lump or Two?

  No not lumps of coal from Santa. No I am talking about my friend, one of us Golden Girls.
 The doctor found a lump and it was biopsied. Cancer and to be removed. If this wasn't devastating enough prepping before surgery they found a second one hiding maybe behind the other one. 
My friend is so strong and says it's a slow growing mass and fibrous so they'll just take them out no sweat. Yet in her eyes I saw the fear. I will be there waiting on the day of her surgery. She is my friend and a good one too! I made the stupid humor in my shock by saying she could have them save the lump and put it into a lava lamp. HUH?? Where did that come from? She laughed so hard and told me not to worry. 
  Thunder storm last night and rain. This morning my gums are feeling a bit better. I cannot git the dog to go outside to do her business. It's wet out there! This dog is allergic to grass and I swear to just nature itself. She is laying low in her soft bed with just her eyes an ears peeking up through the fuzzy top. So ennaway I need to get out today. I do have a list....somewhere? I know and don't say it never happens to you ha hah. So now I write a second in memory of the first.
  Lately I have visited two other churches besides RiverRock, the I have been going to. One is a branch off my old church of younger days. I found the people cold and looking judgmental at others. Seriously? I do not like that at all. The other church I went to was real friendly and we even went to bible class there. I still shun a bit of organized religion. Like my hubby and Wayne Dyer, there's a powerful source and it is more scary than the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ. Love others as you would yourself. Now what a better place we'd be in right? Not complicated at all. 
We will be going back to RiverRock. It is different and we like that.
  I just found my list. Comparing the two is funny. My second list says gummy food on it lol!
Also I lost my coughdrop somewwhere in my mouth. Yikes!
  Shopping today and walking to get exercise. Have a great day. I hope to swing by the lakeshore to see the ruff waves. TV said they were high with the high winds. I was high on my meds LOL!

South pier in Sheboygan WI. Ruff waves.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Recharge'n Post it

       My dentist appointment yesterday went well. They shaved my dentures to fit better.

     I believe he shaved too much on lower plate cause it's quite loose now.
But all in all there is no infection. The dentures irritated the gums that much. Wow.
I was able to chew somewhat last night and that is a beginning and who knows how long it will be to handle a salad. HA ...if ever.

  Ennaway what's happening lately besides my dentures? A new friend has limited time. Months to live. Now I find this person really nice and funny and my age know what I mean? I turned down going out to breakfast with this person and another. Why? I don't want to be devistated when this person gets worse and see him die. How selfish am I? Protecting myself maybe? My roommate says she will be there for him and do and take him where he wants to go. Her friends primarily are alone and abandoned by family. She was and is there for me and them! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her intervention and guidance. Writing this tells me to learn what my roommate knows. Knowing how to help and already she has taught me the stages and the effects of them like poor judgement and so on. I admit I am not good at accepting death. We are not taught about death growing up but kept from it completely. I believe that should be changed in America.

  Lessee anything else goin on? Yes actually. My hubby's X-wife took a job at the Mc D's where I and my friends hang out. Can you say 'AwKWARD' ? She actually told me about it and our first meeting by accident there she hugged me and said she heard what all happened to me. I talk to her, I mean yes she caused me major problems in past but I forgave her and moved on. She's 75 and is married yet lonely and wants extra money. Hey I understand. But still some days it will feel awkward. I am ok with it. If I am not then I'll just go to another Mc D's is all. I don't like drama and other stress like others soap opera lives. But I am surrounded by this lately. Today I am doing painting on my wooden dolls and setting my own things to do. I know I need to do this and begin my own calendar. I need a white board and post it's to help know and guide me.
  Gosh I feel like I babbled today. I haven't done that in awhile eh? OH another thing is a plummer hired by the office says the smell in our hallway is from sewer and dry pipes. One condo upstairs has been gone for two years to Australia. I cannot take the smell and hopefully they can fix this somehow. Take care and stay on the sunnyside!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's go out to eat... friends asked. How about the Pizza Ranch buffet? My friends ensured me there would be something I could eat there. I had cottage cheese, a huge mound of mashed taters with gravy which made my eyes go back into my head it was so good. I was hungry!!!! There was five of us and we chatted and had a good time. I have great friends. I managed to get full after the platter of icecream.
Today I go to Dentist for a look see. I am sure there is infection. If not well dang my gums hurt.
It will get better and I love my smile. Think positive!
     My granson asked me if I will look like his grammas dog with her tongue hanging out because of no teeth. Oh gosh I laughed so hard about that. My new grankids that adopted me are a blessing.
     I don't think I'll be fishing anymore this year. Or will I? I'd like to wet my bobber one more time.

     This is a short post today. Wish me luck on my dentist today. Will there be antibiotics?
Will the dentist accidently grind a hole in the denture? Will the Russian assistant eat that last donut?
.....stay tuned for the next episode of 'Life Bites'


Thursday, November 5, 2015

My new smile


                                                                                 It's been ah long time com'in , my new smile.
Everything went fine as the professionals knew what they were doing and my thinning jaw bone did not break. I was so afraid of that for years which made me chicken to have the extraction done. The teeth had to be pulled carefully and it was over two hours for my 14 teeth I had left. To see my smile the first time tears ran down my face and dentist told me I have a beautiful smile. Ya I finally git a purty smile and I have some silver hairs and my butt expanded recently LOL!!! That;s ok. I gained some weight knowing it will be awhile to be able to eat real food again.I went back the next day and they adjusted my dentures. They used a dremmel like I have ha ha. My name is actually engraved on them! Like a tattoo lol! The permanent dentures I will get in 6 months are NEW. Meaning a new invention sort of. It's of new flexible strong plastic which is deeper and goes over the gums more creating more suction to hold on. Great for thinned jaw bones. These came out last year and are the most expensive. I am worth it LOL!
Hugh would be proud I did this finally and taking care of myself. I hope to be able to use my dentures before my birthday dinner the 18th. Hugh died the 16th. My adopted family wants to take me to this Texas Roadhouse I have never been to for a dinner called 'road kill'. Joel who's 14 told me I will have to sit on a saddle and get embarrassed and he laughed. It sounds fun and most of all I have a family. Joel who is special needs, heard me cough and asked if I was ok and then he said he needed me grams. It touched my heart to hear that.   I take him along when I go fishing.
Oatmeal tonight with mashed banana in it. Hey it is really good!
I plan on going to senior swim/exercise in the morning. I need my routine and life goes on and people to see and help. Pam who is using my wheelchair is doing great. Her shattered heal was mended and soon a walking cast. My good friend one of our golden girls told me yesterday she has breast cancer but not the aggressive kind. Our other friend has liver cancer, diabetes and his wife died last week. Today is his birthday so my room mate baked him a cake. This was before he told us they just found out he was diabetic.      I am doing well. I have not seen my son in bout three months. He is too busy.
Nuff said on that.
 Have a great weekend coming up.  I want to see a senior $5 movie tomorrow lol. I may even look at baby food jars of something to fill me up. Do they have broasted chicken??