Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pie Etc

     Remember the "Let's have another cup of coffee....and let's have another piece of pie."
Commercial I believe. Well I made two pies today. One lemon moraine and one key lime.
I also made burgers for freezer. My mushroom and garlic wrapped in bacon. Fry and add bun and swiss cheese. I was alone to day. Well ok the dog was watching with me. She took me for three long walks today lol!  Early  this morning we went to Mc D's for coffee and met our usual cast of characters. There's this elderly man who knows us all but sits behind this partial wall reading his morning paper. He will POP UP and comment sometimes. I call him Whackamole. He reminds me of that game and I feel like whacking his head ha haa. It's all in fun. I went home and Donna went to wedding. She had to take a member of the wedding party to the church......a dog! Yes a couple's dog is standing up in wedding. I won't comment on that. Me, I did some woodburning made pies and well my special needs neighbor had a party this afternoon. It went well for him. He is real nice and pops over to visit allot. He was nervous as he never invited people over before. The day I moved in here he grilled us lunch to make me feel welcomed.
     The pies are for church tomorrow. I'll have to stop and pick up some Reddi whip squirt cream for them. Oh I got my new glasses!!!! The doc ran a couple tests three times! Seems it's impossible to improve on eye pressure. Mine has been high and higher these past years and I said no to drops as once you start the drops you cannot stop. It's for beginning of glaucoma.  Well my pressure went down from 30 and 28 to both 23. It's not perfect but no more head aches and oh yes my right eye improved vision drastically. How about that? It's unknown how my prssure went down, but it's great!


Yes I got my Super Toods shirt with cape when I got my glasses.

Friday my team won at volleyball in the swimming pool. It was fun!
walking in the pool at 7am does wake me up ha haa.

This one might be better?

I thought this was cute. Well have a great week ahead!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Taking ah Sick day

     Yesterday was a frustrating day and all through the night the after affects of going constantly to bathroom. You know what I mean. At 5am I had to tell my roommate I am staying home close to the bathroom.  Don't want to take chances at senior pool exercise and the car trip tp GreenBay.
Donna went to senior swim and will take Sue for the needed get away she deserves. They will donate to the casino  ;-0

     The weather turned cool and wonderful sleeping nights. The leaves are turning color but not peak yet. We want to drive to St. Paul MN for Donna's granddaughters birthday in Oct. I am hoping full color Fall then.

  I will be sure to take my camera with me when I go out. I keep forgetting it. I have laundry to do and should get at crafts also if I want to do craft shows in Spring. The extra money will go for trips.
  Stay on the sunnyside of life my friends!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Too Busy having Fun to BLoG

     My bad not blogging for awhile. Ya, having fun with the ealrly morning coffee club at Mc D's and oh yes we went cruising on the river.

Mississippi River

 The paddle boat we rode on

It rained while we had an excellent lunch on board

The paddle was cool.

Donna left,Nellie and Pat front right and I am the 4th golden girl LOL!!!
It was a fancy lunch buffet. Everything was run so well.
I would recommend this trip and the casino I did lose but the monies was small
and I had fun!

This was taken from our hotel room.
What a view huh?
You see the golf islands?

So I was up and at Mc D's at 6am and by senior pool for exercise with seniors in the pool.
Splish splash those guys were fun! My suit fit fine and the water felt so dang good.
Donna pulled a groin muscle but we will sign up and go three times a week.
Then we stopped at the farmers market to buy me an elephant ear (bakery) and these itty bitty tomatoes for our salads. This weekend we serve food at the Rock fest our church is having. Ya, you read that right. The church I go to is River Rock and it rocks! The band is awesome and the drummer is very good. Lots of food Saturday so come on over.
Friday is October Fest in Door County which is the thumb of WI.
I did not mention all the fun we had on our trips. I did not mention the bloopers or make movies yet as we are still busy helping her kids and seeing people and watching the kite flyers at the lake.
Yesterday we went to bingo at community bingo which is held at different nursing homes each week. Donna won socks and a wash rag and our table was threatened to be kicked out if we didn't quiet down. Gads we had FUN! Then we went to Mc D's to meet the other clutch of coffee drinkers.
Working on woodburning again and Donna on her knitting to do craft shows together.
Guess what? I found out what fun is again!
Till later be safe have fun and don't take life so serious.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Up North an over there

Train ride which was on my bucket list.

This ride Donna and 
I were the only ones on board. We had a blast. 

I even stood by the engineer and put out my arms like Titanic. Awesome!We stayed in Minong.

This train is in Duluth MN. We stayed at a downtown motel just three blocks from station. But if you turn wrong way it's many blocks LOL!! That happened a couple times. Duluth is amazing and the views and Lake Superior is awesome! The Fall colors have barely started but it was gorgeous.

Wildlife like bear deer turkeys and eagles was amazing.

A walk on the beach of Lake Superior. 

The ride went up to the north shore of Lake Superior.

We stopped often at rest stops and little towns to eat and walk around and shop.
We took side trips and it was great. We were in no hurry and we visited awesome historical sites.

Cool clean water of Lake Superior. We loved the many ships 
despite fog here and there.

I will go through my video I took and few photos when I have time.

Also met Cindy my blog friend up nort.

Cindy and Jim are wonderful folks. Great time.