Thursday, March 3, 2016


     This morning I was half awake but remembered to put my teeth in and put my t-shirt on backwards (that's ok) and put the dog out. I got to McDonalds and my friends were there. I was late-r. Everyone left and Sue taught me how to play Kings in 4 corners with cards. She brought me a dvd movie to watch called HEAT with Sandra Bullick and this other lady. Her husband came and I went home. It's all a slight blur LOL!!! But it was a nice morning. Seems Like McD's is elderly CHEERS where everyone knows your name and your business. It's nice if yer missing lol!

  I dug out my last filing with IRS for my boyfriend. His lawyer/tax financial man will do my taxes to make me right. He does not trust my advice of last year not to file. He takes all my burdens away. John is so good to me I have to pinch myself and then Last weekend we took our dogs to the fenced in dog park. It was wet and muddy but it was nice out finally. His basset hound and my little guy had a work out. We let the dogs off their leaches and let them GO! John and I walked the acreage while the dogs met up and sniffed every dog there and no fights! Dogs get along together better than people. It was a fun day and a muddy truck....oh oh.

  I best go now as I am meeting friends at Pizza Hut noon buffet for 5 bucks. How will I loose my muffin top???? Run Forrest Run!!!




  1. Hey I am glad your social life has perked up. My friend Dave's (The Dave from Facebook) dog loves me more than other people. He goes nuts when I visit him. Muffin Top?

  2. Run, Forrest, run. You really cracked me up with that one. I was expecting a diet plan lecture for sure. LOL.

  3. I didn't know dogs had leaches! Good positive post!

  4. I'm glad all is going well Toodie, it's a pleasure to see.

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