Wednesday, March 30, 2016


     My son had called me to wish me a happy Easter. He told me the doctor figured
Wed the baby would be born. Not knowing what sex the baby was was exciting. My son was hoping for a son and U asked God for a grandson. Paul was born this morning. Perfect in every way. He looks like his Daddy. Even the dimple in his chin. Of course he is the most beautiful baby. Jist say'in.
     My mancake and I spent Thursday thru Sunday morning at the camper. I got to church Sunday too. I broke two bones on the top of my foot. It rolled like it did a few years ago. Yes I saw Doc on Monday. Too much stress she said and it was a MS flare but can't be sure. I am wearing a boot to stabilize the foot so the bones heal properly this time.
     Ennaway my mancake has health issues and I am worried. Having a relationship is stressful lol!  Two Germans he says would be interesting. We have simular childhoods of strict parents.
  I best hobble off to bed. It rained today. Golly, I have a grandson!!

     Keep God first and everything will play out as it should.



  1. Congratulations! Sorry that you hurt your foot.

  2. yay. a new grandbaby to love. Happy for your son and his family, and you of course.

  3. Congratulations on your grandbaby! And what an great choice for a name! Sorry about your foot. I hope this doesn't put a cramp in your break dancing.

  4. Wonderful news about your grandson. I know that made you very happy, and your son too. Sorry to hear about your foot. OUCH.. hope it is healing better now. I know you came down with some awful bug and I hope you and your "mancake" are doing better. Blessings to you both.

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