Sunday, August 2, 2015

This a storm an that too

Now for something completely different

I was asked by a wonderful loyal friend, why I had to take a bird bath.
I made one I didn't take one but this reminded me of something sort of simular.
I get vertigo dizzy standing in my tub to take a shower. Visualize this....
A deep claw foot iron tub (higher  than my knees). Now the curtains (four of them) hang around the tub on a pvc pipe and the ceiling is three feet higher than the pipe. The shower faucets are at the drain. Bend  way down. two weird handles - small someone created. The shower head is a hand held hooked up to spout. As the water gets to temp at your feet now you lift it up (don't slip!) and try inserting it (don't stare at the high tunnel of curtains) -high up on the wall in a holder while water is splashing IN your face. I have to touch wall hard to ground myself and wash with one hand while other is holding wall as I am dizzy yet my eyes closed. Lots of white curtains all around you, no no black walls at this station. I know who will get that.  Now to get out it is step way up ugh over and way down onto slippery linoleum floor WHOOPS!  Your hoo hoo (Oprahs terminology) is now on the edge of tub. Ya grab the sink boink yer head on a corner metal cabinet not placed correctly say some colorful words while checking if head is bleeding.
So you see the birdbath reminded me of 99% of the time I take basin baths which is simular to a birdbath but I don't crawl into the sink like when I was a little kid to conserve well water now don't cha know. This has been an announcement I hate my bathroom!
Lessee where was I?
Storm hit this afternoon. I saw it swirl and tenticles which is called scud by meteorologists was being sucked back up into clouds....not a good sign by the way. I went for my phone and sigh...I am NOT a weather spotter anymore. Nance yer in Wisconsin not Missourah!!!!
I saw and hollered to neighbors drinking outside oblivious to weather only their argument.
"It's Here!" I yelled caught the flying rubbermaid garbage can set it up on my porch got my car parked right along side of house to be protected and got in the door and BOOM! shear winds hit!
Like a movie I timed that right lol! Bill hollered next door to his Ma Nancy knows her shit!
The interpretation of sheboyganite means Nancy sure is knowledgable. This was the third time I gave them warning a storm was gonna hit and they listened and I was right on. I watch out for them as they are true Sheboyganites who grill out every weekend and drink beer every evening. Growing up with folks like that the kids watch out for them as the folks get snookered lol!

Some branches came down here and there and not on our vehicles.
     I phoned my sister yesterday. Now that's news and progress. She was very understanding and I told her to never forget that I love her. She said the same back. We laughed we cared we miss one another.
  To be continued ....
            News at 11...wait, it's not 11 yet.......oh well.



  1. You're a regular human barometer!

  2. Hey where's the news? It's passed 11!
    It's been a while since I heard good "hoo hoo" talk.
    I always knew, that you knew your shit

  3. Glad the storm didn't do any real damages to you or your neighbors. You are a life saver to your neighbors.

    Have you seen those tub/shower deals that have a door to get into them and a bench on the inside? I'm not sure how expensive they are, it seems like they are a lot, but who knows maybe you can get a deal.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Toodie.. I have a seat in my bathtub and it helps..even a small one will work. I got one at the goodwill second hand stores have them cheaper than new ones.They will help getting in and out too if you get the bench kind. I found that when I changed my shower curtains to a lighter color it helped a lot too. I feel for you on that vertigo stuff it is awful I have had it for years. Take care

  5. My stool don't fit and any other won't because the tub is rounded bottom narrow and short very old and I am renting.

  6. We had a bathtub shower exactly as you describe when I was a teenager! I feel your pain. We also had sticky flowers in the bottom of the tub so we didn't slip. later it was replaced by a rubber mat with suction cups. There was a flat bench with hooks on each end and hooked over the edge that was used by my grandma.Can't help you with any other suggestions.

  7. We had a hand-held that slipped too easily out of the holder above one's head. Can't tell how many times it slipped out and bonked me hard on the head before we finally did something about it. I'm embarrassed to say, we were the ones who bought and installed it. I guess that's why it took so long to acknowledge it was all wrong for our situation. Sometimes you make the right decision...and sometimes you have to make the decision right. I'm thinking this is true about your living situation.


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