Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Packers and Packing

 Hello! I am doing much better today. Today I am allowed to blow my nose. But  am afraid to. I can get a regular band aid on it now but still ugly and sore. I recall hitting the cement floor with face and there was an instant of nothing hurt, I felt nothing for at least a half hour. There was wet slurry mud down in the old cellar and when I went down there just one foot in the slurry I went sailing on one foot and next thing I hit floor and heard "CRACK". My nose broke and the deep cut in my nose needed 6 or 7 stitches. The nurse poured soapy water over my face to clean dirt out so I held my breath. I also had dirt slurry in my mouth and up my nose and tiny stones embedded Oh I can't even talk about it. I now know a bit of how water boarding feels.  I told the landlord over two months ago the boiler was leaking bad and flooding my side of basement. She said she would call plumbers for estimates.....nothing happened except me now falling. I am so lucky my nose got the brunt and not my legs or hips. It rattled my marbles for a couple days
  I wasn't trying to look like Watts mind you LOL!

           More packing and gathering today. Big room empty and I washed the floor then closed the door, done. Same with bathroom. The move will be good and I am looking forward to condo living with a good friend. My rent will help her pay off her condo real quick. Her gransons are moving the big stuff for me and their truck.  They will even unscrew the rubbermaid shed and take that too!
End of week is Doctor visit. Boy will she be surprised to see me LOL!!! Tomorrow I get stitches out. That I know will hurt. But I am tuff. I might squint like the eye of that squirrel in Ice Age.

     Have a good week and stay on the sunnyside!



  1. I'm glad you're back here fairly quickly Toodie. I don't know what it's like to break part of your body. The closest I can come was a few years ago when I stepped into a drainage opening behind a sea wall because I was too busy trying to take pictures of the sunrise. It was well over two feet deep. I hurt my knee, didn't break anything but it's not the same anymore.
    You're a tough lady and you'll rebound. I've seen it before over the years I've known you and you'll do it again. This could have been much worse.
    Are you a Packers fan? Is that a stupid question? Maybe we can have some kind of bet if the Packers play the Patriots.

  2. Well I see that you have picked yourself up AGAIN and brushed yourself off AGAIN and are back in the saddle AGAIN! Giddy up and git movin on. So glad you are able to recover so well and quickly!

  3. What an ordeal! I'm so glad you're on the road to recovery Toodie. I hope your move is a very good thing for you too.

  4. whoa. so glad you are strong enough to take this with a bit of wit and whimsy. Hoping you recover quickly before that boat trip you have planned.


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