Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Rollin On The River"

 Remember that great song by Ike and Tina Turner?

Well my new great friends Nelli and Pat and of course Donna, well today
we all decided to go rollin on the Mississippi river for a 4 day and three night cruise!!!
Yes the Golden girls on vacation! Donna and I will have to corral the other two gals cause they drink and are wild LOL!!! and Donna and I don't drink but we do have fun. Now one of the elderly gals is hot lookin for ah man. She is so dang funny I could write a sit com about her.We are all excited about this trip next month. I have never been on a vacation and this, well heart be still. I love the Missahsip and maybe seen it five or six times. It's amazing.
 I took my car in the service dept of where I bought it and said I popped in with no appointment but this Klingon symbol light went on in my car. Long story short no problem. Jabar put a soda in my hand and drove my car in checked and one tire a bit low now okay. No air leak no charge but Jabba is what I call him gave me a bag of popcorn to take along. I aked if this old lady could bring her car in every couple months woud  lthey top off fluids and check her over? Jabba said of course and you can help yourself to the snack bar and soda or coffee. I said okay then make that every month LOL!!! He laughed and said come on in and visit no problem we love your humor. Really? He really did crack up about the Klingon symbol and when I told the entire service crew about not being sucked under this semi and not getting blown off the highway. They asked me questions about the Smart Car as most never drove one. I told them go ahead and take turns around the big lot. Two of them did! They LOVED it! I felt like a stand up comedian. I was on a roll or being a fool but it was fun and I don't care. I went over to Vinnies to find a river cruise outfit. SCORE! I found a great out fit.
I went to my bank at Walmart and found out they too are in both north and southside stores in the city of Sheboygan where I am moving back to. So good to hear. 
  I accidentally pressed a button here and a paragraph moved! Creepy.
  Hopefully I will be moved in with Donna by the trip departure here in Plymouth! Go figure.
Donna finished my sentence! I said I bought a roasted chicken....she quick says you get it half price? Um yes I did and .....she says you break it up and freeze portions for salads? I say You do that to?
Of course. 
     The construction is really awful. Patching with blacktop in so many places in the big city of Sheboygan. The construction budget was cut.  It's awful looking and bumpy as blacktop will never lay flat for fill in WI. cold then heat will pop that blacktop outtah those holes like a blackhead. From the shrinkage to expansion.....POP! Wow ha that was a graphic visualization huh? Gross, sorry ha.
 Tomorrow big day sorta kindah. For me it's busy compared to just sitting. Haul my winter clothes to Donnas house to shelve. Then we go pick Pat up and go to UWM for a fund raiser which Nellie is serving there. She's doing it for the free eats to volunteers LOL!  It's great chicken and lots of food and Jazz bands. Yes Donna and I both love Jazz. Then after we eat the Golden girls will drive down by the lake for the sail boat races. I know the jokes about the boat races but this is REAL sailing races. The last time I saw them was months before I met hubby 38 years ago. I loved the races but he didn't. I never went again. Looking back I was a fool to give up all my activities I loved so much.
Ennway I should be home before the sun sets or just sets about. I do not drive at night. I giggle it's fun.
  That's all for today. I will have camera tomorrow!!! So pictures soon!

Stay on the sunnyside!


  1. So nice to read that your are busily happy and enjoying it all.

  2. You'll love the cruise! And on the Mississippi no less! Pretty cool! have never been on one. Maybe someday.
    I can certainly relate to the pothole situation. The are still filling them around here. Argghh! It makes driving around here all the more annoying.


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