Friday, July 31, 2015

Late Night Babble

     Well today was great. I went for my appointment I set up yesterday by stopping in to make sure. You see most salons here do not take appointments anymore except for in depth coloring etc jobs I guess. They were great about it and liked I stopped in. So it was my time at the salon. Oh and my years of problem eyebrows? With scars and those wire hairs Ma called devil horns? ALL taken care of. My new stylist I knew right away she knows her job. My brows she made narrower so the scars don't matter and invisible. She really put thought into how to help my brows. One brow always looked bigger than the other because hair will not grow in a scar you see. Never saying a word "RIP!" and I did not squeal no but when she asked me if I was ok, I answered in a high voice "Uh huh". ha haa. From the waxing my brows they were red and swollen but it was totally worth it!!!
  Now my hair do. I want my old style I loved when I was a hippie younger. I got the style from a movie Barb was in. I had to have that do!! I told my stylist I know it will take months but I eventually want my groove back lol! Here is a picture of
Barb with the do I love.

     It was a wash an pick'n go style. If a bit fuzzy spritz this curl stuff on and scrunch your hair and the curls come back. Very cool. No helmet style perm just a freedom perm for me. My stylist loved my car and told me at 63 I am not old. Bless her heart! Her name is Amy and by golly the vertical rods she did and fixed the chopped cut I got from Walmart. She performed a miracle. She said not to wash hair for 72 hours or three days as it could wash out this type of perm. I was never told that before or is my memory fading? No I am positive I don't know lol. I sipped delish coffee and if they had a gal who would do nails I probly would have had that done too. This was all new to me in a way. If I can't find a companion at least I'll feel purdy.

     I felt really good today doing for me. I then for lunch made myself the best sub sandwich and the worst to try an eat LOL!! The tomato slices kept slipping popping out like corks from a bottle and the mayo dripping and then the lettuce started escaping flying out along with the tomatoes. It was becoming a sloppy mess and I was laughing out loud eating this mess. It was SO delish!
  I talked with my friend Donna tonight and we decided to go to the Cascade firemens picnic together tomorrow. It is south of here rural. She will pick me up as I don't drive nights or drive on highways anymore. I only bought my car to zip around town for shopping. I don't want a semi trailer to blow me off the road. So tomorrow shall be fun. I haven't gone to a firemens picnic in many years. I hope to see lots of people I know from the area. But I realize most have died now and I have learned to be in the now and never expect something. That just sets you up for disappointments.
  I finished my birdbath. My batteries are dead in my camera or else I'd have photos. I made it from a lamp base and a ceiling glass light shade.
  Have a nice fun weekend!



  1. I remember Barb in that style. Maybe from The Prince of Tides. Great movie. Everything old is new again, right? anyway, style is great and easy care. Have a good time wherever you go.

  2. Hi...I think this is my first time your post today....and I guess we all would love hair like hers. I wear mine very short and so easy to care for...i love my silver hair and it's been turning gray since high school.
    Hope you will come by to see me when you can...I am linking up to follow you thru Google Friend Connect...

  3. oops....I just see that I am already following. :)

  4. It sounds like you're a whole new you Toodie!

  5. Good for you Toodie but why did you have to take a bird bath? And how big is it?

  6. Now a series of photos watching the "do" grow and become the real wash and pick thing is suggested. You are really getting the works lately. NICE!


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