Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blonde in Incognito

"Blonde in Incognito "

The story unfolds of a brunette under cover in a blonde wig by day.
At night an intelligent brunette under covers. 
You see this is why I don't rite stories. Not enough details LOL!!!

  I have four more years of files to shred. Too many boxes and I should keep last seven years tax history they say.  I had this shredder going in my pretty much empty room and the sound was loud.
For three bucks I picked this shredder up from Vinnies. Works great. New ones are like $34
I thought of those crooks shredd'in evidence and I began to laugh out loud. I wondered if people could hear me from the street OMG! My blinds were open. Did anybody take a phone photo? Oh my gosh I teared up with laughter. I may have three bags to fill yet then done.
  Things have turned around, the tides have turned, the cows came home, calm in the hood.
All in all I found a home and everything will soon enough calm and time to heal. It's been an horrible year fro me and last year too. New batteries in my camera and I will take it with me as I will be out and about so much more in my future.
  This coming week I am going to a concert. I actually bought a ticket! To seeChicken and all that Jazz at UWM in Sheboygan. 

     Then Friday I am vounteering selling wrist bands and t-shirts at the PAC in Plymouth also Jazz called the Jazz Crawl

  THEN Saturday night my friend Donna and I are going to Plymouths stock car racing. She is also a widow but widowed twice. We grew up as friends in the same countryside and somehow we met up at German fest a couple weeks ago. So ennaway one thing lead to another and we can help each other. She needs extra money to pay off condo sooner and is lonely and I need a home and a friend. Life can turn onnah dime be it good or bad.

  A wonderful thing happened today. I got to talk 'meet' a long time blog friend on the phone.
We spent one hour and it was so enjoyable. I wasn't disappointed at all. This tells me I really got to know this person friend through the years.
  Now it's time to make supper. Have a great week ahead!!



  1. happy to hear you are going to have company and a great home! This seems to be a wonderful solution for you. You are so right about life turning on a dime. I'm hoping for all the good things you so deserve.

  2. May God bless you and keep you, Dear One.


  3. Hello my friend! It was indeed a pleasure to speak with you this afternoon, at least here it was this afternoon. You come across the same way you do on your blog, honest , funny, kind and real. You're good people and you'd fit in just fine with my circle of friends.
    Until we speak again!

  4. So glad you two got together! Paul describes you well - very well!


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