Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rainy storms after a beautiful morning.

     Thank you for your comments and viewing my video of Jazz Crawl. I was my worst critic for sure. It has been awhile since I made and edited a video. Nothing in liquid refreshments was served before I got on trolley. I  am sure the folks on the trolley had a brewski or two ;-) I had just finished a few hours of volunteering and tired actually, and it was hot and very humid then the storms hit again and again. If you thought I was drunk by my voice, I do not drink! My muscle disease has slowed my speech and is really evident when I am tired. Awhile back I had said I feared to talk on video because of that. So now you know and heard. The people of this town are friendly and I was told I am a people person. I am? LOL!!  I would love to do a Jay Leno walk and ask people questions h haa.
     I packed my itty bitty car again and moved it to my friends home. We headed out after we unloaded my car and went to the warf by the lake (lake Michigan). We did our morning walk on the boardwalk. It winds around the inlet of the lake into Sheboygan river. The seagulls and ducks and bubbles in water of big fish! I recognized the 'swirls' in the water to know it was big fish in there watching me. After our walk we walked to SCHWARZ'S fish market. 
  We bought a breaded cod sandwich..$4.00 Broccoli salad 1.74, pretzel-pineapple salad 1.74
We drove to the lakeshore by tables by the shore and we sat down to eat and listen to the crashing waves and suddenly one...two..three sea gulls came into view watching us and saying 'mine? mine?
That's a Nemo thingie. Ha haa. We sat and ate till we were too full and it was time to pick up our friend Pat and take her to work. She fell out of her attic in garage and shattered her heel. Ya, makes you cringe with pain hearing that. Now tonight was tornado watch south of us and one warning. We are still getting rain...yah!
     By the way I had no leftovers to take home. So the Schwarz was with me. Oh funny me.
  I'll be packing more tomorrow but by end of week Donna and I are going to the fair in Manitowoc county. There it is one price to get in and that covers all rides etc. Next week is our fair here after that our river cruise.
  Thank you friends for still hangin in there with me. I am so sorry I don't get to visit your blogs as much as I want to. When I settle down in my new home I will be able to read more blogs and yours!
   ow to put together my racing video.
My itty bitty car found a wedge parking spot at the races LOL!!

More at 11 whatever....



  1. That is the sweetest little car! So happy you are with friends and enjoying times there now.

  2. I've seen quite a few of those smart cars around here.
    Hey next time you go to lake Michigan take some pictures. It is after all one of the Great Lakes and I'd love to see it. Our lakes are not so great, at least size-wise.

  3. read your latest post about broken nose, then this one where friend hurt foot, what are you gals doing???


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