Sunday, August 16, 2015

Babble and Video of Fest

  I haven't done a video in so long. I see now what I should have done but hey I have to get back in my groove again. Better yet, a NEW groove eh? I was told I worked 4pm to 9pm and even wrote it down on calendar. That person said they made a mistake and they had me down for 5:45 till 7:45pm. Next day she says I WAS forgetful as she told me it was 5;45. I said fine whatever. But to lie to my and people around me like I was forgetful. I am once in awhile but she knows I said let me write it down and had her repeat it on phone. I don't take kindly to that one bit. I am trying to let it go.
     Before I say something I shouldn't here is my video......


I have one more video to put together of the races I went to.
I am so tired. Hot and so humid it is hard to breathe today.
Take care and have a wonderful week!


  1. Some people are troublemakers and like to feel superior. Forget it. Not worth worry. It's her - not you!
    (I liked your video.)

  2. The odd person who works with volunteers is completely inept and not a people person. They make volunteering a pain. Don't beat yourself up.

  3. Unless things get out of hand, you did the right thing but if this becomes a regular thing the person should be made aware very subtly that you know fully what's going on.
    Apart from that Great Video Toodie! I really enjoyed it. Had liquid refreshments been served before you got on the trolley? Just wondering. And that was a very good band indeed. I love big bands. I may have grown up loving The Beatles and Eric Clapton and a host of others (still do) but big bands are great! I even know the name of the tune they played, Strike Up The Band.

  4. wise motto: Never complain, never explain. This works well for me. Other people know the score with that person. You did right by just letting it go. That said more for you than anything you could've said. Now let it go personally because she did you a favor by letting you show what kind of person you are. And really, she showed what kind of person she is too!


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