Monday, August 10, 2015

I am Excited

Downton Abbey...At my age one must ration one's excitement

Yes because if we learned anything from past experience I may change my mind.
From past experience something may arise. Don't celebrate till the last i is dotted.

     The rent went higher because at our age we do forget things and a couple we both forgot.
It comes out the same as the apartment in town. BUT here I will be with a good friend and allowed to have my scrollsaw in basement! We will be going to allot of things and vacations together? YES VACATIONS! Besides we eerily have so many things in common. We each have oatmeal for breakfast with fruit. We both LOVE broasted chicken. We both love stock car races. We both love our bratwurst black. The list will eventually go longer no doubt. I think we drank the same well water growing up HAA! All those things in common even the humor! So it's all good. She has a health issue as I do and we will help each other stay on track with diet etc. 12 blocks to Mc Ducks for coffee and does her crossword puzzle. She walks the one mile or 12 blocks every morning at 5am and says I will be too. Huh? What time? I don't think my clock has that number. Yep she says it won't be long before I leave that cane in the corner to gather dust. So I will get her to lose the weight her doctor says. I will duct tape the fridge at night LOL!!!  She asked me where I always wanted to go on vacation. I still can't answer that. I DO know I want to ride the rails! I mean a train ride anywhere! Also a car ferry ride to Michigan! Both of which hubby wanted to do with me but never did.

  I will leave my shed and lots of tools in basement. I will leave table set and tv and stand too. I'll take my bed and dresser, clothes, hover round and aids and my chair and scrollsaw and toolbox. (big toolbox)
That's all I am taking oh and my dishes and shampooer. She has this little dawg that needs hair cuts. No problem I can do that and save her money. I will have to get used to this little dawg with his toungue hangin down outside his mouth all the time. He is allergic to grass poor thing.
   So now back to basement to condense and select what I will need to take. I wish the move was over. One day attah time. I know.
Stay on the sunnyside!


  1. It sounds like a good plan and I hope it all works out for you and your friend and the little canine too.


  2. Movin' 'n groovin' and dooin'! The way to go. GOOD LUCK! You are one tough and wonderful lady!

  3. Toodie you sound charged up and that's a good thing. This new situation sounds good for both of you. Keep us posted Toodie.

  4. Seems you are involved with a church. Perhaps you could ask (just time to receive help instead of give help this time) if some guys could help for a few hours. Come on, try.

  5. Vacation? Did someone say vacation? Sounds like some good things ahead!


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