Monday, November 30, 2015

Soon I pick HIM up!

     No not the drunken new puppy!! Well he has one puppy tooth left so vet says maybe one year old. Wan't interested in nothing. Nottah. My roomy and I knew he was depressed and well we'd give hime some time there at the humaine society. He likes me! He is now eating and plays with his balls. TOY balls that is. There I go again eh? He will be neutered then on the 9th can bring him home. I had two names I liked and HE liked one. So I named him THAT one. "Buddy!"

  Buddy is small 10 pounds and should loose a few. Walking we BOTH will lose weight. He is black with a spiral hair here an there ha haa. He is 99% cheewawa and the one percent is wire terrier hairs here and there. He is so cute lookin at me and I can't help notice a couple hairs BOING! sticking out LOL!!!

  My new friend whom I've been out with a few times showed symptoms other night at a bonfire we were at. He hollered at me for some little thing then told me to shut up. Red flag!!!! Just like my hubby was....asbergers with thyroid problem big time. Now here is what I did. I stood up and pointed my finger in his face and told him "NOBODY TALKS TO ME LIKE THAT AND YOU WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN, GOT IT?" He then said calmly, "What did I do?" Oh cripes I spent 37 years with that and my red flag said walk away! I did. My roomy heard and seen it all and said she was so proud of me. She did not know the signs but knew he had asbergers and didn't tell me.

  The Christmas parade was really good last night but COLD! Was 27 F. I asked my friend to sit on my frozen toes. I saw the Plymouth parade a couple nights ago and that one was awesome.
  I am still a non smoker! I have more urges lately to light up and I um  did inhale thick 2nd hand smoke over a shoulder and it was nice. Oops. I thought of hangin out at a smoky bars just to get the smoke or ah fix you could say eh? Naw not gonna happen I told myself. I've come too far. 53 years of it was enough an quit last March 23rd. The day I woke up in hospital.

I must go now and woodburn a name on a box for a friend. I also have to make a pumkin pie for someone else by 3pm. Have a good day. Stay busy and stay on the sunnyside!




  1. I sure hope you enjoy your puppy. We got a new one in July and love her to pieces. I'm glad to see you're occupied and happy my friend.

  2. You definitely now know exactly where you're going! Staying out of trouble, that is. Love it that you got a puppy and you must show him to us soon!

  3. Good luck with your new buddy! Arlene and a friend of mine both have dogs and they both have taken a shine to me.I like dogs a lot, though I have always been around cats. My landlords cat likes me more than her owners. You know we're all waiting for pictures!

  4. What a joy to have Buddy! I adore my Franklin and Penelope. Both arrived here very frightened and skittish. After about six months, Franklin could accept strangers coming into the house. He's been with me since 2010. He's such a happy dog. Penelope is still the newcomer. She's scared, but she loves my son and will sit on his lap without trembling. She spends a lot of time in my office with me. I love their company. God bless you for standing up for yourself with that . . . person. I'll never again be treated the way my ex-husband treated me. He's dissociative supposedly. It's an excuse for him to mistreat people and then say he didn't do it. Bastard son-of-a-bitch.


  5. Funny, one guy enters you life as another goes out. This is good. Shows you've learned to open up to people (and critters) and then protect yourself if they prove untrustworthy. Put yourself first as you only have yourself to depend on in the long run. Friends can give advice, but only you can make the decision to protect yourself.

  6. So happy you will get your new Buddy soon.can't wait to see a photo of him. Happy that you stood up for yourself against that guy. I know that illness can sometimes change personalities so badly. Stay well and warm.. Hugs...


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