Friday, November 27, 2015

Touching base here....

.....Oh man it has been awhile since I posted. My bad.
Life is mov'in on and this weather is yukky. Makes my muscles hurt more.
I went with my roommate to the vet to support her in putting her dog down.
That little dog was my buddy these last four months. My good friend Sue is having s second operation this morning. To take out more tissue and resolve the rest with radiation. It's an inpatient thing and she wants to go after to Golden Corral buffet in GreenBay WI. She will feel no pain for the day so silly her to eat and be merry till it wears off. She's a tough cookie.
My Thanksgiving was so nice. My roommate and I made the turket and stuffing and gravy and baked sweet taters (with mellows!) We took it to her daughters house. The glass bowl with glass cover filled with gravy sat between my feet on the floor and my lap was full. I had to steady the gravy with my feet when we turned at a corner. Ya, it was ah hoot. My adopted family gave me such a wonderful holiday  and the food and entertainment was awesome. The laughter priceless.
Last week was my last dr appointment of my last year's astrophysics. It seems I have fibromyalgia and I am doing better these days. There is a man who calls me 'his woman'. Our relationship is Friends. We do things together and humor is right up there with side aches from laughing too much.
He is younger than I but if Madonna can have a younger friend so can I, right??
Today four of us are goin up north to gamble at a casino with the guys money. They insist lol!
Lunch then home as tonight is church bonfire. No, no sacrifices that I know of. Only smores.
Tomorrow my son invited me to lunch and a movie. I believe my granddaughter will be with us. Yay!
The friends have grown in my life to so many. I walk into Mc D's and everyone knows my name. I work my search a word as others do puzzles and others talk of the day. They all are unique and so different, I love it. Best go now an git gussied up!



  1. Happy for you and yours. Seems you have come through the storm and are now able to appreciate some good times. Life graces for sure.

  2. Toodie! You wild woman!
    I'm happy that you are doing so well. You gotta post more. I miss you!

  3. Keep 'em comin' - your posts are so truthful and honest and.....FUNNY most of the time.

  4. So happy for you and your 'new' life. You are blessed!


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