Thursday, December 3, 2015

Conjuring a baking mood

  I want to bake Christmas cookies. Ya but when? Soon? I maynot make many and therefore eat them within 24 hrs ha haa. I made an apple pie but it is gone. My roomy made tater dumplins and we still have some.  Ennaway I am in the mood now find the time!

  Did I mention I went to Richardson's cancer center with three grieving friends for the honoring the dead at Christmas? Now somehow it helped me for closure. Which is good. Tomorrow I get back my wheelchair as the gal will have a walking cast put on.
  I went to Mc D's yesterday on the northside of town. My BIL told me my brother will be there. I was there awhile and until my BIL came I never recognized my brother sitting there all the while. He lost many pounds and had a cane. He did say hi to me and few words. I am glad I got to see him. His cancer and dialysis well, has taken a toll.


I will go visit Buddy today. I will be babysitting a cheewowwa for two days and he is ah pisser to be truthful. SO I bought a belly band for him. Yes it holds a small pad pad on his 'tinkler'. It's my roomies granddog. I'll have everything set for Buddy when he comes home.

I went to Mc D's at 6am for coffee with Sue. Her doctor wants to talk. Not good. They did a cecond surgery and it sounds like they still didn't get it all. Mastectomy now? Dunno.
At our age there's allot of illness. Living? Maintaining is the word for most.

My Buddy!!!!




  1. Times can be surely trying can't they? On the bright side it makes the good moments even more precious. I sure hope your dog turns out to be a blessing!

  2. Buddy is darling. Penelope came in here a while ago with a toy in her mouth. I told her how happy she looked. She ran out and put the toy in the bedroom and then ran back in here with a gigantic smile on her face. She gave me a kiss. I've toyed with the idea of baking Christmas cookies, but I doubt I'll actually do it. It's all so pointless.


  3. Lookin' good, Lady! Cute puppy.

  4. I'm sorry but "a small pad for his tinkler" made me laugh. As always, thanks for all the kind words Toodie.


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