Thursday, November 12, 2015

One Lump or Two?

  No not lumps of coal from Santa. No I am talking about my friend, one of us Golden Girls.
 The doctor found a lump and it was biopsied. Cancer and to be removed. If this wasn't devastating enough prepping before surgery they found a second one hiding maybe behind the other one. 
My friend is so strong and says it's a slow growing mass and fibrous so they'll just take them out no sweat. Yet in her eyes I saw the fear. I will be there waiting on the day of her surgery. She is my friend and a good one too! I made the stupid humor in my shock by saying she could have them save the lump and put it into a lava lamp. HUH?? Where did that come from? She laughed so hard and told me not to worry. 
  Thunder storm last night and rain. This morning my gums are feeling a bit better. I cannot git the dog to go outside to do her business. It's wet out there! This dog is allergic to grass and I swear to just nature itself. She is laying low in her soft bed with just her eyes an ears peeking up through the fuzzy top. So ennaway I need to get out today. I do have a list....somewhere? I know and don't say it never happens to you ha hah. So now I write a second in memory of the first.
  Lately I have visited two other churches besides RiverRock, the I have been going to. One is a branch off my old church of younger days. I found the people cold and looking judgmental at others. Seriously? I do not like that at all. The other church I went to was real friendly and we even went to bible class there. I still shun a bit of organized religion. Like my hubby and Wayne Dyer, there's a powerful source and it is more scary than the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ. Love others as you would yourself. Now what a better place we'd be in right? Not complicated at all. 
We will be going back to RiverRock. It is different and we like that.
  I just found my list. Comparing the two is funny. My second list says gummy food on it lol!
Also I lost my coughdrop somewwhere in my mouth. Yikes!
  Shopping today and walking to get exercise. Have a great day. I hope to swing by the lakeshore to see the ruff waves. TV said they were high with the high winds. I was high on my meds LOL!

South pier in Sheboygan WI. Ruff waves.


  1. I would love to see those waves...I'll bet they're beautiful. Winter is so much better than Summer in my book. Hope all goes well with your friend.

  2. Sorry about the cancer scare for your friend. I imagine having a friend during times like that is priceless.

  3. You are a true friend to her and she you so I will pray for you both.. her to be healed completely and YOU to stay well and able to enjoy your life now. Take care..

  4. Prayers and hugs to you and for your friend. Take good care


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