Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Recharge'n Post it

       My dentist appointment yesterday went well. They shaved my dentures to fit better.

     I believe he shaved too much on lower plate cause it's quite loose now.
But all in all there is no infection. The dentures irritated the gums that much. Wow.
I was able to chew somewhat last night and that is a beginning and who knows how long it will be to handle a salad. HA ...if ever.

  Ennaway what's happening lately besides my dentures? A new friend has limited time. Months to live. Now I find this person really nice and funny and my age know what I mean? I turned down going out to breakfast with this person and another. Why? I don't want to be devistated when this person gets worse and see him die. How selfish am I? Protecting myself maybe? My roommate says she will be there for him and do and take him where he wants to go. Her friends primarily are alone and abandoned by family. She was and is there for me and them! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her intervention and guidance. Writing this tells me to learn what my roommate knows. Knowing how to help and already she has taught me the stages and the effects of them like poor judgement and so on. I admit I am not good at accepting death. We are not taught about death growing up but kept from it completely. I believe that should be changed in America.

  Lessee anything else goin on? Yes actually. My hubby's X-wife took a job at the Mc D's where I and my friends hang out. Can you say 'AwKWARD' ? She actually told me about it and our first meeting by accident there she hugged me and said she heard what all happened to me. I talk to her, I mean yes she caused me major problems in past but I forgave her and moved on. She's 75 and is married yet lonely and wants extra money. Hey I understand. But still some days it will feel awkward. I am ok with it. If I am not then I'll just go to another Mc D's is all. I don't like drama and other stress like others soap opera lives. But I am surrounded by this lately. Today I am doing painting on my wooden dolls and setting my own things to do. I know I need to do this and begin my own calendar. I need a white board and post it's to help know and guide me.
  Gosh I feel like I babbled today. I haven't done that in awhile eh? OH another thing is a plummer hired by the office says the smell in our hallway is from sewer and dry pipes. One condo upstairs has been gone for two years to Australia. I cannot take the smell and hopefully they can fix this somehow. Take care and stay on the sunnyside!



  1. Laws a mercy.. Hope that stink gets fixed I do know how bad that can be.. having apartments it is always something just glad I don't have to pay to fix it. I enjoyed reading what is going on and am glad you are looking out for number one. I do the same. I don't pal around with too many here in the complex for the reason you spoke of. TOO much family drama. Rather stay out of that. Hope things go well for you with the dentures...pretty soon that burger will taste soo good.. Go visit another McD's...whatever makes you happy. Take care of YOU,..

  2. I enjoyed catching up on your thoughts too. Hope the stink gets gone soon. I hate drama too and have a sister who creates it when things are too quiet for her. Luckily we don't live close. About the ex, I've learned to just forget about past problems and live for today. If she's working she shouldn't be around much while you're at McD's so don't ruin your day if you enjoy being with your friends there. Enjoy life, we've earned it.

  3. I didn't realize that condo like to travel.
    It sure seems that life is a continuous series of adjustments. I'm haven't yet adjusted to being semi-retired.
    Good luck with that smell thing! Just in time for the holidays!

    1. O course I meant "condos". Condo sounds like somebody's name.

  4. I, too, avoid drama at all costs. I know how it can be too stressful. You're tougher than I am for sure! Babble away...it teaches me while being interesting and often funny. I love your style of writing.


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