Thursday, November 5, 2015

My new smile


                                                                                 It's been ah long time com'in , my new smile.
Everything went fine as the professionals knew what they were doing and my thinning jaw bone did not break. I was so afraid of that for years which made me chicken to have the extraction done. The teeth had to be pulled carefully and it was over two hours for my 14 teeth I had left. To see my smile the first time tears ran down my face and dentist told me I have a beautiful smile. Ya I finally git a purty smile and I have some silver hairs and my butt expanded recently LOL!!! That;s ok. I gained some weight knowing it will be awhile to be able to eat real food again.I went back the next day and they adjusted my dentures. They used a dremmel like I have ha ha. My name is actually engraved on them! Like a tattoo lol! The permanent dentures I will get in 6 months are NEW. Meaning a new invention sort of. It's of new flexible strong plastic which is deeper and goes over the gums more creating more suction to hold on. Great for thinned jaw bones. These came out last year and are the most expensive. I am worth it LOL!
Hugh would be proud I did this finally and taking care of myself. I hope to be able to use my dentures before my birthday dinner the 18th. Hugh died the 16th. My adopted family wants to take me to this Texas Roadhouse I have never been to for a dinner called 'road kill'. Joel who's 14 told me I will have to sit on a saddle and get embarrassed and he laughed. It sounds fun and most of all I have a family. Joel who is special needs, heard me cough and asked if I was ok and then he said he needed me grams. It touched my heart to hear that.   I take him along when I go fishing.
Oatmeal tonight with mashed banana in it. Hey it is really good!
I plan on going to senior swim/exercise in the morning. I need my routine and life goes on and people to see and help. Pam who is using my wheelchair is doing great. Her shattered heal was mended and soon a walking cast. My good friend one of our golden girls told me yesterday she has breast cancer but not the aggressive kind. Our other friend has liver cancer, diabetes and his wife died last week. Today is his birthday so my room mate baked him a cake. This was before he told us they just found out he was diabetic.      I am doing well. I have not seen my son in bout three months. He is too busy.
Nuff said on that.
 Have a great weekend coming up.  I want to see a senior $5 movie tomorrow lol. I may even look at baby food jars of something to fill me up. Do they have broasted chicken??



  1. You look lovely! and you do have a pretty smile! That is a good picture. I'm so happy for you. Henny

  2. I was thinking of you earlier tonight. Or I should say I was thinking of the old Toodie earlier tonight. The one who lived in MO and dreamed of moving back to where she was from up North. Remember her? Yeah, I had a hard time picturing her too. Your new, and improved, version of Toodie blows me away!!! Remember when I sent you the book, The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind? Well girl, your subconscious mind really took you to great place and I'm so happy for your new life and friends and family. You deserve it all.

  3. I thank you for the book as it helped me more than you know.

    1. So glad to hear that Nancy. I cherish the wooden sign you made me and see it everyday in my office nook.

  4. Way to go dear Toodie! Your smile IS lovely and Hugh would be proud of you.

    Your life is full and you are being blessed in many ways.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. Oh Toodie I am going through my own dental problems. It's been a year since I began a process for implants, dental not breast.. I was told it would take 4 to 6 months. That was last Oct. 31. I think I will blog about this. I don't really care if nobody reads it but I have a lot of anger about this. It's my own fault for going to a chain dental business.
    I'm glad things worked out for you!

  6. Congratulations on successful extractions and new choppers. Chew away, er, pretty soon you will.

  7. LOVE your SMILE...just wonderful .. happy for you..


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