Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's go out to eat... friends asked. How about the Pizza Ranch buffet? My friends ensured me there would be something I could eat there. I had cottage cheese, a huge mound of mashed taters with gravy which made my eyes go back into my head it was so good. I was hungry!!!! There was five of us and we chatted and had a good time. I have great friends. I managed to get full after the platter of icecream.
Today I go to Dentist for a look see. I am sure there is infection. If not well dang my gums hurt.
It will get better and I love my smile. Think positive!
     My granson asked me if I will look like his grammas dog with her tongue hanging out because of no teeth. Oh gosh I laughed so hard about that. My new grankids that adopted me are a blessing.
     I don't think I'll be fishing anymore this year. Or will I? I'd like to wet my bobber one more time.

     This is a short post today. Wish me luck on my dentist today. Will there be antibiotics?
Will the dentist accidently grind a hole in the denture? Will the Russian assistant eat that last donut?
.....stay tuned for the next episode of 'Life Bites'



  1. Hope it all will be OK. You are funny!

  2. It might not be your teeth. When I have icky sinuses from allergies, my first thought is always that I have a cavity. Then again, maybe it is your teeth. Tell the dentist you want pain medication and lots of it, and grab that doughnut from the Russian assistant even if you have to knock her down to get it.


  3. You are so funny. Hope your sore mouth gets well soon. It's miserable. I know, from the dental surgery and 10 stitches I got the end of August.

  4. Avoiding the dentist til next year. Hate the xrays the most. Your smile looks good and the gums can only get better.

  5. Oy! I know a lot about dental problems. I could write an epic about this year, or at least a blog.
    I'm swapping dentist this week. double OY!


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