Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting things done, sort of...

Getting things done, sort of...

  The pastor phoned me to cancel my lesson yesterday. He was doing the waiting game he said to sign for medical delivery and they hadn't arrived yet. I told him it was alright as the road construction in front of my apt had barrels across my driveway and seemed digging and well I thought I could drive my car down the sidewalk to the next street after driving over Mr Wilsons yard (?) Pastor thought this was meant to be canceled then so till next week. 
  o now the whole day or the rest of it is, well open to catch up on little things. So I hung the curtains in the porch. There are 5 windows and I put the lace curtains on the bottom half of windows. Now no valances. I decided each window could have a hanging fake crafty stained glass look something hanging down the middle of each one. I knew just who I could ask. My son's girl friends 5 girls! So I need to go find 5 crafty kits for plastic stained glass for the girls to paint. They would love that and would see what they made hanging in the windows every time they'd come over.

  The box store is clearing out their half dead flowers. 50 cents each!! So I got 4 Geraniums and a tall grass spike plant for in the middle. So for 2 bucks and nice perk up for the back porch.

  My break is over now. I will pull weeds in my itty bitty garden some more. A few green bean plants have been nibbled down to their stubs stems. Nothing has bothered my lettuce. Strange.
  Have a great day. The heat will be on starting tomorrow here for a week. I my spend alot of time at the senior center....somewhere that has ac!!!!
Stay on the sunnyside!


  1. It's brilliant to supply such a project for the girls. What a good plan. They will have fun, and you'll have pretty colors in your windows.


  2. I like your idea of window trimming. Sure wish we had sales like that! I would buy all I could.

  3. Keep up the good work Toodie.

  4. One busy woman that is for sure.. would love to see the faces of people as you drive that car down the sidewalk. LOL Sounds like you are making your place your own.. took me a whole year to feel comfy here in my place. Take it easy in this heat wave.. it can hit you all the sudden like. Stay cool!!

  5. Like the idea of the girls crafting your window décor. Lucky woman you are that has so many girls to help bring up.


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