Monday, July 13, 2015

July 4th on the 11th

  Plymouth celebrated the 4th of July on Saturday the 11th. Makes sense right? Gives people a chance to celebrate it again! The whole main street down town was closed off to traffic. Vendors on both sides of street and music and food galore.  I tried to take a photo looking west yet blocks behind me wasn't shown. So look at this photo and think it's the same behind me. It was hot but the clouds made it better. The breeze came as I was leaving naturally.

I enjoyed myself. I ate a Gyro and backlava a hamburger bottle of water and a rootbeer float.
I sat and listened to music and I even got to hug ah horse. A BIG one! He nuzzled my chest and I just wrapped my arms around and hugged. He actually closed his eyes! That tells me he enjoyed it right back.

I met up with an internet salesperson whom I could not understand but the sign said it was out of this world fast!

I was 10 minutes late for church Sunday. I miss my air conditioning as the heat and high humidity makes my muscles hurt more. Dang. But I told myself no excuses and got there. The pastor smiled at me and later told me I looked tired. I actually looked like I was pulled through a knothole.  After I attended bible class for 2 hours and got home at noon. It was enlightening and the coffee was so good too!

I took a picture of my itty bitty garden and my Rubbermaid shed. You will see my old wooden bench by the shed where I do alot of thinking and resting and drinking coffee.

You can see weeds love my garden too. See the neighbors corn?
Knee high by 4th of July! It's actually butt high butt I won't do height jokes.
I do cut lettuce for my daily sandwich from my garden. The shed is nice and has two skylights.
My garlic and onions are growing nice. My cucumber behind the shed is really doing good and my squash. My green beans are bushing out too. WI dirt you can grow anything I believe.
About time I have some pictures. I didn't know where the camera cord went but since found it, look out! LOL!! Have a great week ahead and plan some fun.
Stay on the sunnyside!



  1. It looks like most cities and towns on the 4th except it ain't the 4th. I love the shot of the horses pulling the wagon. Clydesdales are beautiful animals..
    It's pretty hot and humid here.

  2. Love seeing your pictures. More! It sounds as if you REALLY had a good day! Don't the Clydesdales smell good? I love to smell horse muzzles.


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