Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dusty thirsty birds...

  Because of the road being replaced it is dusty and so are the birds. I had wanted a birdbath but boy have you seen the prices of them?  I put out a clay saucer and noticed it was being used quite a bit. Even a fight broke out at the water! So I thought of making my own bird bath watering hole.


I saw this on pinterest. Old lamp bases turned into bird baths!!
I am not sure of using glass anything sitting out in the yard with kids playing near it. I could see shattered glass and owies and oh my no no no.
I must find a metal type and even a plastic bowl and use e6000 glue. Man that glue is fab!
I saw a tree lamp made into a feeder. It was interesting. 


I thought this cup feeder was cute to hang on a shepards pole. 
Again use E6000 glue but tip the cup some. There are Blue Jays that fight birds everyday in my backyard. I swear they are associated with the mob see, and they come to collect everyday.

Ennaway....The road work right outside my house here is interesting if you visualize the earth shaking bumps and thumps as the Huge walkers from Star Wars right outside! Cool eh? Heh.
You must have an imagination to create your environment sometimes.  Yesterday I needed to go to laundromat. This nice young man jumped on his back hoe and shoved the big pile of gravel in front of my driveway so I could get out. He chuckled at my car then LOL but I laughed with him as hey this car is FUN!! I did my laundryat 'Sit'n Spin' Love that name....there was a young woman I had seen there before using a walker. We talked the whole time I was there. Her husband left her when she was diagnosed with a muscle disease. How devastating. I listened to her and became her sounding board and gave advice when she asked. I came home blessed I can drive and walk again!!
I do not take anything for granted. I remember some years ago going to sleep just fine and waking up not being able to move the pain was so bad. I will not take anything for granted but enjoy in the now, the moment.

     I watered my garden this morning and washed my dishes before construction guys turned off water. Turning on and off water like that shakes up sediments from pipes and not good for your water heater. One must clean out faucet aerators too. I had a nice conversation with a man in the home improvement center at Vinnies. He was impressed he told me of my knowledge. He asked me what something was in his hand and I glanced and told him it was a circuit breaker. I then thought this guy was NOT very knowledgeable lol! Everyone knows what a breaker is, right? I bought me a calk gun to use around the windows and doors on the porch I am painting. I scraped and painted the ceiling already. This house was poorly maintained and it shows. Like I had said I can put lipstick onnah pig, but it's still ah pig. It's like putting a suit on Uncle Buck but the suit does not change his manners. Did that make sense? Sure it did. I said something at the street cafe other day and this lady said something to take the glory out of what I said...follow? I told her she jist licked the red off my candy. Now most all the elderly there laughed like crazy and said they hadn't heard that saying in many years. Heh so I got the last laugh you could say.
  Now it's time to woodburn this picture I am jist starting. It's ah doozey! Wanna see the the pattern?? it is...............................

Yes I love this wizard and yes this is a woodburning someone did
and now I want to do it too!
Fun!!!! It makes me relax as you must hold the hot pen ever so lightly.
Patience and steadyness.




  1. Dear Toodie ~ I am so glad you are doing so well and enjoying your life.

    That wood burning project is a doozie. I look forward to seeing it when you're done. It's going to be GREAT. Will you sell or keep? I be someone would buy him


  2. I really laughed when you said someone licked the red off your candy! I'm gonna steal this. You are really a changed woman. Great post.

  3. wow that picture is amazing. waiting to see your progress. it would take me a year or two.

  4. Did the Shepard agree to have it hung on his pole? Sounds painful.
    I can certainly relate to roadwork woes. It is literally every where.
    I know of your woodwork and wood burning talents firsthand. I still have the "As You Said" wood carving you made for me some years ago. That by the way is the title of a Jack Bruce song which I made the title of my blog back on spaces.. I know you know who he was. You remember the band Cream. He wrote and sang 90% of their songs.

  5. I love the repurpose ideas for the birds! You have a lovely blog.

  6. WOW that is some adventure you are on trying to get around. Sooo happy for you and your little beep beep car. As for the new wood burning that is a real challenge.. I know you got it in you though.. can't wait to see how it comes out. PACE yourself in this heat it is a real doozy out there right now. :-)

  7. People can be so creative! Love that!


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