Saturday, July 4, 2015

Opening Night

     Such a busy day yesterday but I took my time. My son finished moving into the apartment upstairs. It seems I inherited his cat Mr Kirby. My son is never home much and he says Kirby needs the attention. I don't mind I just to make sure this is what he wants.
  So now my stuff under my bed can come out. I forget what's under there and other places. I really gave away allot so this apt will look plenty big. My first instinct is to clean clean ....wait I want to go get some blinds for windows and get me a cuppa mocha at cafe....sounds good to me! I will not do chores ALL the time any more!!!! I want to live life.
  Lessee where was I?
  Yesterday. I went to Sit'n Spin to do laundry and there was a man and wife that looked so familiar. He remembered me, we worked at the same grocery store years ago. It was nice chatting with those two while doing laundry. I got home and tried to take a nap before the opening show at the arts center. Neighbors were loud and fireworks and dogs barking I got a couple winks. I actually went to usher the show without my cane! Never leave home without it I learned. After the first act was intermission which then I mosied and shuffled out. My job was done and I do NOT drive at night! It was dusky and I got home got my jammies on got a drink and turned on computer. I felt it best to leave at intermission than during 2nd act. Donna from Cascade who runs the center is very good at her job. After this busy holiday weekend between church and art center and Vinnies and going to senior center my calendar will get filled. How great is that? Who knew my life would change this much. Yes I still hurt all over 24/7 but it is not severe but manageable most times. But I don't want to blog about my health anymore. Just what I am doing lol!
  Today will be weeding my little garden and watering it good. I have a bench in my garden which I can sit and pull weeds from. My gourd seeds are up and some carrots. Not all 20 cent packet carrot seeds came up. But you know that is ok.
  Have a nice and safe holiday weekend!

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