Wednesday, July 29, 2015

End of July

  End of July already. Can you believe it? The heat wave for 12 days now will be around another four days. I've been reminded on facebook it could be worse. In Texas my friends told me how bad it is there. California friends told me how bad it is there. If you go online and watch world weather it really is crazy strange. So my fans are getting me through and the little ac doesn't do much. Electric cost is high here compared to Missouri where it really is needed to survive. Canada looks good right now ha. But the grass is not greener. You have to make it greener for yourself I learned. Attitude is key.

  I just have the porch floor to paint now and a second coat on steps. The floor will get two coats too.
I am not getting a discount on rent or paid for expense of paint and supplies. That is ok I need these projects somehow. Keeps me physically challenged and to keep me moving. But a thank you would be nice. Just sayin.
I am looking forward to the Jazz Crawl coming up and music will be all around Plymouth. I am looking forward to the county fair also. I have not been at the generations (senior center) in awhile. It is just no fun sorry to say. That's what's missing. You won't see folks laughing having a good time. Most are in their late 70's. Where are the folks in their 60's? At the bars and events around town. Fishing on the lakes at the races. Living life hard and doing their bucket list. Some are raising their grandchildren or caretakers for parents.  Some working as social security isn't enough or medical bills. Gee where did this post wander off to?
  Ennaway I will go to events at Generations to support them. I am looking for my own personal CHEERS. You know the tv show? Where everyone knows your name? I haven't found it yet.
  It looks like the threat of bad weather is gone and a breeze finally. So I will go out and start painting the porch floor. I take my time. Take care!


  1. Hope you'll show some of your handy work in the home soon. Sounds nice.

  2. You do the projects for YOU, not for them. It's good to have projects. Maybe you will think of something fun and enjoyable for the Generations to have.


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