Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Almost New Years?

  Like life these days, the holidays are whirling by. Where did they go?
I hope you had a happy Christmas with memories to keep.
Me? Well I went to my granddaughters church a couple times and heard her sing.
For five she has a beautiful voice. Her and two other girls sang. Had a very nice luncheon and even figgy puddin!! I liked it!
On Christmas I borrowed my roommate's family for family. It had drama romance new baby obvious chips on a couple's shoulder,,,,jist like family I barely remember. lol. I had a great time. Everyone had to bring a white elephant gift from around the house you no longer wanted. I wrapped up my OLD paint scrapper. Not painting houses anymore I don't think. I ened up with a totilla hot squeeze thingie. Can you tell I never used one? 
I got my dentures refitted yesterday. I knew I had to cause when I sneezed, my hands caught my uppers! HAHAA!!! Glad nobody was around. April I get my permanent dentures made of gold. Well the cost they are to me! I can't wait.
We have my roomate's daughter's son's little dog Pudgy. I found a home for him but now we are to keep him. Oh well Pudge fits right in here nicely.
We had 10.4 inches of snow. It is very icy out right now. I made to chiropractor this early morn so I am in for the day now. The dogs do not like to go out to do their business. I don't blame them but they have too. Like kids we bundle them up. Sweater and sock boots. Spoiled??? I love putting the bumble bee outfit on Buddy. He likes it and even the hood with two antenna's  that stick up lol!
Seeing over the past few months my two friends dying of cancer I realize I must go after my dreams before my number is called. Not to let fear hold me back. 
2016 will be a BIG year for me! Oh ya, You watch er or, read?
  Stay on the sunnyside!!



  1. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and all you do and all you love. Stay on your merry-go-round with me!

  2. Seems you're feeling better and making plans. Glad to see that.

  3. I appreciate how you've come along Toodie...seems fitting to enter 2016 that way!

  4. So happy you have been so busy with your life..may the days of 2016 count and have fun while you do it. Hugs to you..

  5. Definitely go after your dreams and do it now. You never know when tomorrow might not come! Also, it sounds like you got a quesadilla maker from the White Elephant Exchange. Try it! Put a tortilla on the bottom, add stuff like cooked chicken, cheese, veggies and then add another tortilla. Close it up and in a few minutes, you have a tasty treat! Enjoy!

    Milan Keeton @ Irvinetustin Dental Implants


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