Monday, December 7, 2015

Pudgy the piddeler

  Yes Pudgy the piddeler stayed here for two days. A little cheewowwah that kisses quicker than ah rabbit. The funniest thing that happened was when I put the belly band with a pad velcro'd  and he walked real funny. I velcro'ed his pinkler!!!!!! We all laughed except Pudgy. He was not amused. He was a great dog!!!! I loved having him. We walked allot and explored the neighborhood. He had never made it to the fire hydrant cause he had to go before we got there. Before he went home I carried him to the hydrant so he could piddle on it. I swear the smile on his face made me laugh out loud. Yes I did!

  I won at the casino. Yes I took 20 made 55 then cashed in an put away my 20. I ended up with 78 plus my 20 I put away and I quit ha haa. We stopped at a kitchen store and I found a stripper. Yes a gadget that strips any veggie into spaghetti. Every Italian has one LOL!!! I'll have to ask my friend about that. The pictures amused me so I bought one. Wish I could find my camera. Dog gone it.

  I am still hoping God will bring a nice man into my life. I have seen ah few that made my knees wilt jist lookin at'em. Whew!! Those kind know they are and well are conceded. I might be lookin for ah cowboy ha haa! Going to a rodeo this Spring up north ya know. This weekend I am going on a bus thingy to see "It's a wonderful life" musical with dinner an such. It will be FUN!!! The bus will be full of Red Hatters! Sorry I use the mark  ! so much. Hmm

    If I had more time I would write more of what's all happening round here. Ennaway you stay on the sunnyside till I post again anso?


One 1/2 days till I bring my buddy home!


  1. glad you had some luck at the casino. Have a good time at the musical.

  2. I used to have a stripper but she has since moved on.

  3. You sure are a risk-taker! Glad you're having fun. Now find that camera...


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