Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday and getting through it

  It's been a year now hubby has been gone. I've grown closer to God and have been able to curb old reflex responses to certain people and situations. It was hard but I got through it. My current living arrangement is alright if I speak up. If I don't she plans things for me. That doesn't fly with me.
I chickened out subscribing to a senior dating thingy online. I do not believe so many men are interested in me HAH!

  Ennaway my Christmas was planned for me (see above) but I did ok it as I don't want to be alone ya know? Even my eve too with a guy that's just my friend and I hoped for more silly me.
I am still looking for blogger online friends to help me settle in somewhere. Am I asking too much?
 Well  didn't make cookies and tomorrow I gave in and going to a chiropractor. My lower back is not snapping back and it's getting worse. Stress maybe? YA!

  Wish me luck that my back gets cured! Take care.



  1. I hear you Toodie. Sometimes surviving the holidays is really tough. I pray you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Oh Toodie ~ Christmas holidays can be really rough after losing our dear spouses. This is my third. Enjoy the day with those around you and may you feel love, peace and joy and have a wonderful 2016.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Be safe..behave yourself. I truly hope you have a very nice holiday and that your aches and pains can be put away for a while.

  4. Have been thinking back to a training handout I had on stress. Some of the most stressful things on the list have been what you went through this past year: Major move...yes, Death of loved one...yes, another move...yes, Falling out with a loved one...yes. And it goes on and on. Toodie, just one of those issues would put a person down but you have been through so much. Maybe time to take a time out and let all issues lie quiet for a spell and see what you think after the new year.


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