Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Buddy is Vrt Approved

  The New vet just loved Buddy and could not believe he was a stray. All the clerks loved his kisses. He is A-OK and in Spring will get a shpt and booster for diseases of other dogs in standing water from urine. I never heard of it. I'm sure if they said he needed alien shot I would say ok.

  I traced out 5 names on five wooden back scratchers today. Tonight I burn the names in and give as gifts. Simple but personalized. One I wanted to put another name on but....ahem lol.

     My last post I sort of left you hangin if you didn't know past. I am sorry. The new daughter inlaw has multiple personalities and I found out a few times with her as my landlord. I had to get out of there as I was scared.She did not know I knew she was pregnant when she stuck out her belly at me. Now you understand? My doctors told me to get out of there and had been guiding me for months.
  My shrink says Texas or Florida might be good for me. Seriously she says I should go to warm beaches and retire. Any blogger I know by beaches lol!!!
     Since so much has happened to me I can walk away here. I cannot take hot humidity. So I will take my time before I make a decision. I'm told to try the Farmers only dating site lol.

I'm forming my own shield I think from getting hurt from jerks and others.I am looking for a mobilhome in a senior park that allows little dogs. Nothing more thsn twelve thou for mobilhome.
Let me know ok????????

    I should make some christmas cookies but the 'guys' want to go to Milwaukee to Potowatomie lol.

  They are friends but one is dying and it's hard for me. Ennaway I am back out there with the seniors at Mcd's and much more. I will not sit on my butt and brood. I have a family of friends and more in the making. I still want to see Tennessee and Kentucky. Yes I really do.



  1. Ooh! I want a personalize back scratcher!
    My youngest sister likes to go to a casino.
    I hope you have some fun!

  2. Retirement to Florida? Ah yeah!

    1. I lived in Tampa for 2 miserable years...don't go there Toodie. We have been looking in Georgia and the people are wonderful.

  3. Do whatever your gut tells you to. I love it in PA and I loved it in SC with AC, of course.
    SC is better than FL in my opinion. The southerners are wonderful sweet and caring critters. I really miss my friends down there since we have returned to our northern roots.

  4. Fla is hot and humid in the summer time..heck sometimes even in winter.. I would think Southwest would be better.Arizona. NOT CA. area I lived there for 20 years and they had WATER then..not now..earthquakes ya know very high cost of living too. Hope you find something you really like.


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