Monday, June 29, 2015

Trees are falling....

 I hear kah-thunks all day so far of cut limbs and the city downing trees along the highway in town.

 There is a house in there? Sure was buried in trees.

So sad to see trees cut down and not be replaced.
Oh and noticed I found my camera cord?
Off to get my emissions tested.



  1. Agree, but sometimes they are dying and becoming dangerous. Nice to see pictures.

  2. I wonder how the homeowners feel about losing their privacy!

    It is sad when trees are cut down.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I wonder what the story is there. I seldom like to see trees go either.

  4. We had a tree down the road fall completely over, luckily away from the road and into the empty lot. If it had fallen into the road, it would've killed someone driving by.

  5. I'm sure you meant to say your getting your cars emissions tested...or maybe not. I'm not up on the latest medical procedures. I hope you or your car pass.
    After the winter we had there is road construction all over the place here. It's not easy to get around anyway. Some of the streets in my home town are almost 400 years old and they weren't designed for modern car traffic.
    I agree "Road construction, ugh"


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