Monday, June 8, 2015

Finding Waldo or things

  I still haven't found the cord for my camera to plug into laptop. It's in my heaped full bedroom somewhere. Or is it? There is a short list of what I can't find. Looking at my bedroom it looks like one of those cluttered pictures of where's Waldo.
 My exciting weekend? I exhausted myself defied the doctors and I hurt terribly. How's that innah nutshell? You see my son managed to pencil me in two hours Saturday and two hours Sunday morning to drive and help me get more stuff from mobilhome. His procrastination had left me no choice but to go where I was told not to and see for myself. I refused to go inside mobil so I must trust him on most everything is out. Two loads I stuffed the van FULL. Yes the shop in the garage. After we got home with van he got out and left and didn't see him till the next mornings. Yes, I had to empty van and haul the stuff into basement. The creepy short stepped from outside basement. It was hot and I took many many breaks. The mobilhome is sold and paid for and I won't get my money untill the stuff is out from park owner. I have no choice but to do it.
Nobody to help me. I feel so pathetic my ( now disowned)family just doesn't care. Today I am resting with two bottles of aspercream. There's one more load to get including the van bench seat. I will have to do it myself as my son is too busy and can't pencil me in this week. There's not much, mostly clean up. The big saws are there for donation to be picked up. Did I mention my son will be moving upstairs? the renter upstairs gave notice. My son says then I can make this apt my own and he won't feel like a teen living at home again. It is hard for both of us. I just don't understand his time issues and priorities. I am more independent now and stronger thank goodness. It's a process I spose and it has been difficult without a network of friends and family which not having that caused me to go over the edge. That and leaving me alone so long. I believe I'm over the hump and better days ahead. I can't wait to use MY dishes lol!!
Have a nice week and have some fun on me. I may not have time.



  1. Talk about a lot to deal with. I'm very sorry for the family issues. I wish I could say I've never been there...I have, there no in fact. Grace, grace Toodie...grace for us both.

  2. Keep your head above water and you won't drown. It must be overwhelming for your son too. Your spirit of achievement is sure to help you get through this tough time.

  3. I'm focusing on how much you've been able to accomplish that you could not have done just a while back. Family tides seem to go up and down. Kids need there own lives no matter their age. My youngest taught me that when she was living with us after college, now I'm trying to teach it to my own mother-in-law even as a senior citizen myself. Kids...can't live with them, can't live without them.

  4. Well Toodie despite all that you have to deal I think your doing just fine. Your life has changed radically in a short period of time and you will eventually sort through everything. You know I'm rooting for you!


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