Saturday, June 13, 2015

Self Dating

   This is what my doc's nurse told me. I should start doing things. "Treat yourself"  she said.
Schedule days to do special things she said. My D.O. ordered me to double my daily dose of meds and see her in a week. If the dose causes bad thoughts I am to go to ER. Yep that's what she told the nurse to tell me. If you don't know depression, well it takes time to get it somewhat under control .
So let's get back to this treating myself. I think of dog treats for behaving lol! This is odd to me dating myself. Take me out for fun and laughs. Get myself flowers and chocolates? This is now entering creepy eh? Now my life has been sacrificing, chores doing without, chores and did I mention chores? Vacations? Camps or going out to just have fun? Um a few times. I forgot how to have fun with someone let alone myself? Never myself.
  The date I met and sat with at the play last night was a retired dentist. He seemed to know my old stomping ground pretty good. I was uncomfortable cause I did not want to answer all his questions.
Can we skip that part? I guess not. The play was great! Laughed like crazy. The theater had to turn people away! It was FULL to capacity. Redundant, sorry. My son impressed me over the moon. He can speak Jersey and German and acted like a cat down to the hairball growl and eating a fish from a fish bowl. I heard people say things about him that he is the best actor and they had to come see him.
The now sad part is he and his girlfriend decided they both can't be in a play at the same time. The kids miss them so much and his girlfriend is the director/writer etc. I am not sure how they will work it out but my son says the kids come first. All 11 of them. They want one more to make it ah dozen.
What can I say?

     Rainy today and I have planned to go to church tomorrow. Chuck a bearded actor at the art center is a minister of the faith I grew up with. Not far away at all. I could actually walk it. Monday I penciled in a Banana split at DQ and going to ask to be a volunteer at St Vinnies. Baby steps of taking myself out lol. I plan to visit the library also. BUT understand I in the past will cancel allot due to many excuses because of fear.
    Until next time....................


  1. Sounds like you have things under control for now and are enjoying yourself. PAMPERING you is part of life.. you have to find something you love and treat yourself.. If something small or large it will help. Have fun!!

  2. First of all thanks for our long term friendship. I still have the wooden carving you made for me of the title of my spaces blog "As You Said" which is really a song title of a Jack Bruce song.
    You're doing fine Toodie. A major change in life is something that takes a period of adjustment.
    11 kids!

  3. one day at a time....and do nice things for yourself-definitely!

  4. You have a whole new life Toodie, good for you :)


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