Friday, June 12, 2015

Steady rain, weird

 It amazes me of the rains we get now. Steady rain with little to no thunder or lightening. Steady all day and through the night. I imagine this is what a rain forest gets. I wish the big countries would stop experimenting trying to control the weather. They try to blame it on global warming but seriously not them? Yes even America conducts experiments. Common sense will tell you it will upset the pattern and jet streams and our future.

     The weather makes ones body ache and I am no exception. Tonight is opening night for the play and my so called date. It's just two people sitting together to watch a play and that's it.
Eennaway I still don't have the money for the sale of my home....the park manager has it and will give it to me when he feels everything is removed from property. I hope restore (habitat for humanity) will take everything left. They might waver on the bed. BUT they didn't say no when I mentioned it on the phone. Just an OK to everything.
  So I got another van load to st Vinnies. It feels good to give it away. I do want to live simply and not STUFF that's not needed. I do need an electric can opener. I was glad to rid of mine. A hand opener I cannot always use or it just hurts to sometimes.
  This rain should help set off the seeds I planted in garden. Nothing like rain water to notice.
Have a nice weekend!



  1. I am very sick of all the rain we have been having too. But the gardens do look lush! Have a great weekend too.

  2. After reading about your weather I won't tell you about ours. I know what you mean about giving things away. I thrown some things away and given clothes and have amassed a list of stuff that can go. It's that time in my life as well.

  3. It feels so good to give things away, especially if you have been a recipient, you understand. Happy at both ends of the scale. Wish you lived near, I have a spare electric can opener.


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